Too eager ‘Silent Hill’ fans mistook Konami’s tweet for a different thing

Silent Hill 2 trailer screenshot

Last August 1, Konami made a tweet that showcases audio which is reminiscent of and described as Silent Hill 2’s iconic siren sound. Many had speculated that Konami is bringing back a franchise which was thought to be abandoned.

In a semi-cryptic message, the tweet states, “Close your eyes. Always scary. Silent Hill 2 Siren”. Which, like most obscure pieces of information, is indeed open for different interpretations.

When played, the audio does seem to demonstrate a sound that is clearly in attribution to the second installment title in the series. It is an audio of a siren blaring non-monotonously across a whole 1 minute and 8 seconds timeline.

Stirred Up Community

Leaving followers to their own judgment, many theories came about that try to decipher the meaning behind the tweet. The most agreed upon of which seemingly the idea that would give meat to the rumor involving a reboot to the series, if true.

The notion being the belief of a potential collaboration between Sony and Konami for a Silent Hill project. Otherwise, a hearsay that claims the former trying to strike a deal with the latter for the IP’s acquisition.

Although appearing to hold water in them, it appears that the community merely only mistook the intended message. And, no, it is not about Konami doing a publicity stunt to announce a new, developing Silent Hill title. Rather, it is something else entirely.

The Real Story

Trying to clear up the “accidental” confusion, the Konami Twitter account drops the bombshell to its followers.

Seemingly, some people in Konami were merely trying to add fuel to the fire after a successful collaboration with Dead by Daylight. Essentially, bringing some notable characters from the Silent Hill franchise into the game of cat-and-mouse. Which, true to both franchises, shares a common dreadful theme.

Seeing fault in its own action, the official Konami Twitter page says its sorry. Citing the inadvertent incident of firing people up over nothing. But, in their defense, the page claims that anything official relative to Silent Hill is coming to @SilentHill firstly and not @Konami.

A New Mystery

But while the commotion seems to end there, a new mystery arises when looking to the @SilentHill Twitter page. Which, for something aimed for marketing purposes, is recently made.

Could that be a hint that Konami is cooking something that merits the creation of the Twitter page specific to Silent Hill?

Image used courtesy of Fernando Rivera/YouTube Screenshot

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