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Toonami debuts first episode of new anime event for ‘Cosmo Samurai’


Toonami is dropping their first new single anime this year as the company has started its work on Cosmo Samurai.

Total Immersion Events have become a favorite thing for Adult Swim for quite some time now.

Each and every story is recreated aesthetically so that the Toonami Universe is swiftly carried forward.

Fans highly appreciate these events

Fans highly appreciate these events and how every single one of them dramatically shakes up things.

As Toonami has kicked off their new non-canonical special event, now we will be able to enjoy these events in a different tone. This event is dubbed as Cosmo Samurai.

This new four-week event will be similar to those Total Immersion Events in the past.

It will drastically feature TOM and SARA in a brand new narrative as fans are eagerly waiting. But unlike the others, this does not mean that the things around the block will change.

But the new event is coming with a twist. It will consist of a Japanese language track and English subtitles!

You can check out the premiere episode, which throws light into what fans have been waiting for for quite some time now.

It will debut every Saturday at midnight

It will debut each Saturday at midnight, right after the block is kicked off in the air. Each episode will have a seemingly run time of about three minutes each.

In the first episode, fans can check out an alternate version of TOM and SARA as they are kicked into a different universe.

They battled through the mystical forces and are attacked by an outside force. But as TOM loses the battle, he is soon saved by a group of heroes. (taking in the cue for every Manga and Anime you have ever read).

Although Toonami has been the most significant production house and the most influential anime block over the years, it never had the chance of expanding its own anime universe just like this.

Toonami has confirmed that both the company and Adult Swim are now working on different projects that are soon to be released in the future. They have even helped and produced some anime makeovers for Rick and Morty in the past.

Now, it is fair that the block has gotten an anime of their own. As predicted, Cosmo Samurai is going to be the biggest anime drop by Toonami this year.

Check out the Total Immersion Event’s future episodes, as it will be announced soon after the first episode is shown off the air.

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