Top 3 NBA restart burning questions before July 31 tip-off

Top 3 NBA restart burning questions before July 31 tip-off

This year’s NBA restart will be an unprecedented mark in the history books of the NBA and questions about its possible outcome have been plenty.

The asterisk for this year’s NBA champions is already put to rest. Players and coaches are unanimously saying that the road to the championship will be the hardest this year. Not only will they be stuck inside the bubble for three months away from family, but they will also be facing a shortened NBA schedule.

As such, NBA fans and analysts are weighing in on the viability of the NBA restart. Below are the top three burning questions that NBA followers can’t wait to be answered.

Will the NBA restart be as exciting as the regular schedule?

The answer to this will ultimately depend on the new live coverage of the NBA. Despite not having fans, the NBA will attempt to give an immersive viewing experience for the people watching at home. According to earlier reports, the NBA will provide closer player voice capture and added viewing angles.

The seeding games will most likely matter only for NBA teams that are still cracking that top 8 spots. All other top teams may end up resting their marquee players to save their health for the Playoffs. Nevertheless, the games of the 8th to 12th teams in the West are must-see games.

Zion versus Lebron in the first round?

The bottom teams in the West will be scrapping it out for the eighth and final spot in the West. Unfortunately, whichever team makes it, they will have to face Lebron James and Anthony Davis of the Lakers. Nonetheless, the biggest storyline surrounding this issue is whether Zion Williamson has enough in him to will the Pelicans into the Playoffs.

If he does, the question will be how well will he stack up against a Lebron James that has his eyes set on claiming his fourth title?

What happens if someone gets COVID-19 inside the bubble?

Chances are the entire league will be suspended again. If not, the entire season may be canceled altogether. However, the NBA has laid out a thorough plan to prevent this from happening. The bubble was intended to keep a tight cluster of people who are safe from the virus. Everyone that goes in and out of the complex will be monitored.

Also, only minimal outsiders can penetrate the bubble considering the tight security and health protocols that the NBA has put in place. Nevertheless, NBA commissioner Adam Silver is not taking the option of a complete cancellation out of the table.

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