Top 3 selling games amidst the COVID 19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a majority of humanity to stay indoors. During these times, a lot of people discovered the gamer within themselves, and gaming as an entertainment platform couldn’t be happier.

Once all this is done, we’ll all be looking back to check out some of the games that defined this moment in history. Exactly what games have stood out in sales during lockdowns?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch was an instant hit worldwide. It was a great surprise to many as the game really didn’t have a large following before. In fact, it was one of those Nintendo series that never got the attention it deserves.

The game allows players to live in and develop their very own island. Aside from interacting with cute animal neighbors, players can also catch fish and bugs, build furniture, and terraform the environment to their heart’s content.

Perhaps one of the reasons why the game is so popular this time is because it allowed people to relax and explore a chill virtual world while stressful matters are at hand.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

The latest entry in the acclaimed Call of Duty franchise launched way back in October, but its sales got a significant boost last March. This goes without saying that the game has become the go-to multiplayer title by many players.

Aside from having a solid multiplayer mode, one of the reasons why the game became so popular is that the developers released a free battle royale mode called Call of Duty: WarzonePlayers didn’t need Modern Warfare to play the game, but most of them probably bought this title to make the most out of the hit battle royale experience.

Games from the Call of Duty franchise have always been popular when it comes to multiplayer. Now that people can’t go outside to socialize, they’re taking their social skills online instead.

MLB The Show 20

Baseball is still America’s favorite past time, but the COVID-19 outbreak has put the current season on hold. To make up for the missing ball games, a lot of fans might’ve bought MLB The Show 20 instead.

This PlayStation 4 exclusive has been the top baseball videogame for years now. As people are stuck inside their homes, one of their ways to cope with the suspended sports activities is by simply playing a virtual version of it instead.

These games are the best selling for March, and it goes without saying that they have been the solid companions of gamers through these tough times. One key feature between these titles is that they are all highly replayable, meaning players will still find new content even after grinding for hours.


Image used courtesy of monikabaechler/Pixabay

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