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Top 4 fitness games for consoles while on self-isolation


One of the industries that is affected by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown is fitness. Good thing that there are indoor games available to keep a healthy lifestyle.

The demand for “exergaming,” or exercise-gaming, soared high due to the self-isolation mandated by the World Health Organization (WHO). People who cannot go out are now searching for an alternative workout at home.

Fortunately, there are a lot of fitness games available for consoles right now. Supplementary equipment, however, is necessary when playing with consoles such as Xbox Kinect or the Sony PlayStation Move. Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, already includes an out-of-box Joy-Con.

Here is a roundup of the top four fitness games available for consoles to serve as a guide:

1. Just Dance 2020

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Just Dance 2020 is one of the best choices for a fun and interactive fitness game. It has a “Sweat Mode” that tracks the amount of burned calories per song.

It is not reliable, however, because the number of calories burned greatly relies on a person’s physique. But it serves as a tool to estimate those numbers, which is great because it can motivate a player to play further.

A huge factor in picking the Just Dance 2020 is the song list. It is based on personal preference, so choose wisely. Ubisoft offers Just Dance Unlimited subscription to unlock a huge catalog of music to solve this concern.

If a subscription is not an option, the previous Just Dance editions might be a good fit. Just be sure to check the list of default songs. Be aware of the 2019 edition, though: last year’s edition removed the Versus mode.

Just Dance is available on Wii, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia.

2. Fitness Boxing

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Imagine Beat Saber, but instead of slicing cubes in VR, the player launches a combo of punches instead. Fitness Boxing is a Nintendo Switch-exclusive that offers a fast-paced punching game that will surely make any player sweat.

There is an in-game boxing instructor that teaches the user the basics of boxing. The player then needs to hit the jabs, straights, or combos while following the music’s rhythm. There are plenty of music choices too, ranging from Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” or Kesha’s “Timber.”

Fitness Boxing has a lot of game modes to choose from. There is a Daily Workout option that tracks the daily progress of the user. There is also a Free Training mode wherein the player has the freedom to choose the type of workout to do. The game has its own calorie tracker for easy monitoring as well.

The only downside is the game misses some of the punches thrown. This is partly because of Joy-Con’s sensor. Unlike the Kinect, Joy-Cons do not detect whole-body movement and is not that accurate. The songs get repetitive in the long-run as well.

Despite the downsides, Fitness Boxing is a great cardio exercise. But it is best to partner it with weight lifting for muscle development.

3. Ring Fit Adventure

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Ring Fit Adventure is another game from Nintendo that takes advantage of the Switch’s motion sensors. The game includes the “Ring-Con” that houses on Joy-Con as a sensor. Another Joy-Con is attached to the player’s legs for motion detection.

Ring Fit Adventure has a story to follow like any other role-playing action game. However, the player needs to perform a workout routine to control the character. Jumping in place makes the character walk, while yoga poses, squats, or leg kicks are used to combat in-game monsters.

This game is a great mix of heart-pumping workout routine and action, which differentiates it from other “exercise” games like Fitness Boxing. There are also different game modes for different exercise routines to be used inside the game.

As of the moment, the Ring Fit Adventure is very difficult to find due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Retailers are out of stocks, while scalpers have marked up the game by more than 200%. However, if one has the chance to grab the game at retail price, then it is worth spending for.

4. Wii Fit

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Not everyone has a brand-new console. But that does not mean that they cannot have the chance to workout at home.

Wii Fit has been out since 2007, and the health benefits that it brings are unmatched. This game offers yoga and strength training, aerobics and balance games, and body tests at home. Add the balance board peripheral, and it expands the capabilities of the game further.

The Wii is more than a decade old and that makes it very affordable. It can be had for around US$50 [AU$78] on eBay – sometimes, a full package with games included.

A gym membership would usually cost $100 monthly. Grabbing a Wii and the Wii Fit for less than a hundred bucks? Then that is value for money!

Bonus: Zombies, Run! (Android & iOS)

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Zombies, Run! is one of the most innovative running games developed in years.

This game from Six to Start is a real-world zombie apocalypse game that motivates the player to run. Once the player starts, there is an audio queue of what is happening inside the game.

It may tell the player that there is a health pack available, or a weapon is picked up. The game also notifies the players of a zombie hoard, wherein they need to run in real life to get away from the zombies.

Zombies, Run! is already in its ninth season. Its longevity is proof that the game experience it brings is extraordinary. So for those who are looking for motivation to run, this game is the best option for iOS and Android users. Nobody wants to turn into a zombie, right?

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