Top 5 newly released Steam games to buy this April

Top 5 newly released Steam games to buy this April

Valve’s digital distribution service releases an average of 12 games daily. Here’s the best five newly released Steam games this April.

It is not easy to keep track of these newly released Steam games. These can easily be missed unless a regular visit on the Steam website is done.

Several newly released Steam games range from different genres. Thus, it is perfect for gamers with different preferences.

Here are some of the best newly released Steam games these past few days. All of which are great companions while in self-isolation.

1. Iratus: Lord of the Dead

Iratus: Lord of the Dead is developed by Unfrozen and published by Daedallic Entertainment. It was released last April 24.

This turn-based role-playing game set in a dark fantasy world. Unlike other games, the protagonist fights for the dark forces and the player takes the role of Iratus, a necromancer.

Iratus comes out of a 1000 year imprisonment. The player then controls an undead army in order to take back his former power.

The game is reminiscent of the Darkest Dungeon but the strategic turn-based battle makes it different. Unfrozen did a good job of requiring the player to field different types of characters for each event. This removes the repetitive aspect of other turn-based RPGs.

Iratus: Lord of the Dead is currently on sale at Steam for US$8[AU$12.24]. The Iratus: Lord of the Dead supporter pack is also discounted at $13.

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2. 112 Operator

Jutsu Games released 112 Operator last April 23. This game simulates the life of a phone operator working at an emergency department.

On 112 Operator, the player takes the role of a phone operator who is tasked to take up calls and dispatch rescue forces depending on the situation. But, the game is not as simple as receiving a call and sending the troops out.

There are challenges encountered along the way such as different weather conditions, and changing seasons.

It is a sequel of 911 Operator, but a vast difference is that 112 Operator allows the user to manage several emergency situations from the world’s largest cities. Incidents also change depending on the traffic jams, hours, or natural disasters.

This game is currently on sale for $9. This special promotion will end on May 1.

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3. The Flower Collectors

The Flower Collectors is an indie game developed and released by Mi’pu’mi Games. It was released last April 21 and the positive feedback is overwhelming.

It is an adventure investigation type of game set in Barcelona in 1977. The player takes the character of Jorge, a wheelchair-bound retired policeman who has a troubled past that he needs to overcome.

Jorge, partners with Melinda, a young journalist to solve a murder. This might seem like the typical mystery investigation plot, but it is not. The game’s narrative is tailored in a very unique way.

The game emphasizes character development. It moves forward through word building and the storyline progresses over several skill challenges.

The Flower Collectors is available on Steam for only $9.

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4. No one lives under the lighthouse

This game is for the lovers of terror. No one lives under the lighthouse is a retro horror game set on a remote island. The lighthouse keeper has gone missing. The player takes over the lighthouse with a dark secret.

Sowoke Entertainment developed the game with a PlayStation 1 style visuals. It features island exploration. It is a short game with only an hour or two to finish. But the great thing is it can be played repeatedly and finish it with the alternate ending available.

The horror mystery vibe that the game brings only gets creepier as the story is told without a single word.

For just $3, this game surely gives the creeps.

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5. Birth ME Code

Birth ME Code is for players who love a great storyline. It is a killed or be killed, trust or deceive, escape or die kind of game with a disturbing premise.

The protagonist is Pandora, who is the mastermind of a death game similar to the Saw movie franchise. The goal is to find the traitor among the participants while blending with them. The clock is ticking though. Once the other participants find out that Pandora is the killer, it is game over.

Birth ME Code features puzzles to gather information. The dialogues also change depending on the choices made by the player.

This game is a must-buy for fans of the Zero Escape series or Danganronpa. This is $10 well spent for those who love visual novels in the psychological thriller genre.

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These newly released Steam games are all great and it does not cost that much. All five of these are great choices to pass time while on lockdown.

Featured image courtesy of TanjaO/Pixabay

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