Top champions to pick in ‘League of Legends’ Ultra Rapid Fire mode

These are the best picks that will guarantee a dominating win in Ultra Rapid Fire. URF is a super fun mode in League of Legends.

Ultra Rapid Fire is coming back to League of Legends with the 10.10 patch. The fan-favorite game mode is only available for a few days annually. The game mode features 80% cooldown reduction and skill abilities have no mana cost which makes certain champions unbeatable in the game.

Ultra Rapid Fire games are quick, chaotic, and action-packed. The most powerful champions in the game mode can be easily determined by how they can benefit from the game mode features.

If a League of Legends champion has the advantage of casting countless abilities or have an extremely quick attack speed, they are the most likely heroes that can dominate Ultra Rapid Fire.


With a stun, two dash abilities, and a devastating finishing move in her arsenal, Qiyana is one of the most powerful champions for Ultra Rapid Fire.

Her skills Terrashape and Edge of Ixtal will have an astonishingly quick cooldown even at the start of the game. One tip to dominate the early game is to utilize her Q skills as much as possible to poke enemy champions.

Upon reaching level 6, connecting the stun of Supreme Display of Talent on all enemies will be the key to victory. Experts suggest using Brush Elemental Wrath during a team fight to gather the enemies in one spot before using her ultimate.


Playing Teemo in Ultra Rapid Mode is shockingly satisfying. Players can run around the map quickly with the champion’s consistently fast movement speed.

He can cover the whole map with mushrooms to secure total map awareness. In addition, Teemo can blind all the enemies for faster kills.


Fizz is considered as the most annoying champion in Ultra Rapid Fire mode. This is because his E skill provides him the ability to dodge attacks while dealing decent damage.

The ability will only have a 2-second cooldown in the game mode when it is at the max level. This allows him to be almost untouchable during team fights.

Fizz also has the ability to deal burst damage which he can use to eliminate anyone that comes near.


Veigar’s dominating presence in Ultra Rapid Fire can be credited to his improved E skill. During the first minutes of the game, Veigar is a little bit squishy and can be harassed by most enemy champions.

However, after getting his core items, he can take over the whole game. His R ability, when used correctly, can almost guarantee a kill. Players will just need to spam his E skill and wait for an enemy to get hit then do a combo to achieve an insta-kill.

His famous Q-W-R combo can kill anyone in Ultra Rapid Fire mode.

Featured image courtesy of Casimiro PT/Shutterstock

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