Top Pokemons to have highest CP in ‘Pokemon Go’

Pokemon Go players can now choose their favorite Pokemons based on the CP in the game.

With a variety of Pokemons available in the game, it can be hard for players to choose the best one from the lot. So, there are factors that determine which Pokemons are good and can provide a proper insight into the Pokemon CP that can help them win the game.

CP stands for combat points, and it completely differs from a Pokemon’s stats. The CP of a Pokemon can be determined with a hidden modifier called the IV and helps players track down Pokemons that are higher on the rate.

Top Pokemons To Have Highest CP In Pokemon Go

It is hard to catch the highest CP Pokemon in this game without having to know which all Pokemons can help you win against a battle. So here is a consecutive list for players to have a look.

Mega Gyarados

One of the highest and the most useful Pokemon in the game, Gyarados’ Mega Evolution is one of the most useful Pokemon to have the highest CP in the game. This is a water and a dark type Pokemon which can reach up to 5,332 CP. But there is a catch. Mega Evolution is surely powerful, but they come with a huge cost that players have to pay, such as higher points and bonuses.

Charizard Y Mega

Mega Evolution, Charizard Y is another evolution and the perfect Fire-type Pokemon that players will find in the game. The maximum CP this species can have is 5,037 that means that players can use this Pokemon and defeat any other opponent and their choice of Pokemon standing against.


This is a third-generation Pokemon and comes with a usual higher CP 4,913. To acquire this Pokemon, players have to locate and grid the corresponding raids and even participate in different matches to catch this Pokemon into their addition.

Mega Gengar

Mega Evolution, Gengar can boast a powerful Ghost and Poison dual Pokemon, which comes with a max CP of about 4,902. As it means that if you want to defeat anyone in this series, this is the right type of Pokemon to use in the match. Mega Gengar is the best Pokemon in your pocket to choose and utilize when an opportunity comes.

Mega Ampharos

This third generation-two Electric-type Pokémon Ampharos becomes more important when you are using the Mega version. It contains a max CP of 4,799, which means that it is a powerful Pokemon in this temporary state. And it can tackle all sorts of Electric and Grass-type attacks from opponents.


Image courtesy of The Official Pokemon YouTube Channel/YouTube Screenshot

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