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Top Russian mobile gaming company to launch new PVP action title


In a big move for the mobile gaming industry, the creators of a genre-defining game title called War Robots have decided to tackle a new genre.

Pixonic, the developers of premier mobile mech title War Robots, launched a simultaneous “closed beta” test on both Google Play and App Store for a new third-person shooter called Dino Squad on Friday.

Dino Squad will be “a combination of trusted solutions and daring experiments in the PvP shooter world.” In addition, Pixonic also stated that “the game already has enough Dinos, maps, and mechanics to keep the players entertained during the beta test and after the release.”

The company has promised that all content that players save up from during the beta phase will be carried over to the live servers once Dino Squad officially launches.

What is Dino Squad?

In its most basic sense, Dino Squad is a third-person objective-based shooter game in which dinosaurs shoot each other with exotic weapons or duke it out in melee combat.

There are 17 dinosaurs with three size classes that provide different roles on the battlefield. The game also contains six maps with various environmental effects that add to its complexity.

Why dinosaurs?

It is interesting to see that the developers of the top mobile mech game on the planet decided to enter the “dinosaur third-person shooter” genre.

It is also refreshing to see a developer giving players the ability to keep their beta test content and start ahead in the live game. These incentives reward players who are willing to spend their time and commit to playing the game even though it is still unfinished.

Pixonic is also letting players test a relatively polished game. It implies that the company is collecting information for the overall performance of the game, as well as the number of concurrent players that the servers can handle in a single day.

Given the fact that War Robots is known as a competitive pay-to-win (P2W) shooter game, it remains to see whether Pixonic will adopt a different monetization policy for this one.

For the most part, Azur Interactive was the first company to launch this dino-themed genre with Jurassic Monster World 3D FPS, otherwise known as Full Metal Monsters.

Azur Interactive’s take on the genre already has more than a million downloads and almost 64,000 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 on the Google Play Store at the time of writing.

Featured image courtesy of Pixonic

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