Top tips from pro players to improve ‘Call of Duty Warzone’ gameplay

Call of Duty Warzone is consistently rising as the best battle royale game. Focusing on these tips will improve both new and experienced players.

The launch of Call of Duty Warzone couldn’t have had gotten any better. The game’s popularity doesn’t seem to slow down as millions of players across the globe are finding themselves hooked with the new game.

Call of Duty Warzone is all about outliving more than 100 other players and being the last one to get the elusive helicopter ride. Here are some easy to follow tips which can improve anyone’s chances of winning. 

Share the loot

Never be selfish. The bottom left of the screen shows all of the teams’ finances. This is really helpful since if a teammate gets killed, they can buyback the dead player by buying the necessary items in the BuyStation.

Make sure that everyone in the team has at least $4500 to make a buyback. This is the reason why players need to share loot with their teammates.

Vary gun types

Players can only carry two weapons. Avoid being redundant by holding two guns of the same class. This helps players in two ways:

  • It gives players the capability to fight in two ways. For example, carrying a sniper will give long-range shooting while having a spare SMG will give the player an advantage during close combat encounters.
  • It allows players to use various kinds of ammo instead of consuming from the same ammo pool.

Ping everything

Just like in other battle royale games, Call of Duty Warzone has a ping system that lets players communicate with their teammates.

For beginners, the feature is on the D-pad’s up button by default. The feature lets everyone in the team know where a player is looking and where they are shooting.

This is a basic tip but pros recommend utilizing it every time. The more information is shared, the further a team can go.

Practice drops

One of the first goals in the game is to set those boots on the ground. Anywhere on the map can be a good place to land.

However, players should find the places where they most enjoy working, what contracts they like to begin with, and how to reach those points as efficiently as possible. Superstore is one of the most popular dropzones in Call of Duty Warzone. Therefore, players can expect a more chaotic drop.

Featured image courtesy of PlayStationGrenade/Youtube Screenshot

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