Top Ubisoft executives axed for sexual allegations


Multiple Ubisoft executives announced that they are stepping down this week. Amidst allegations of sexual harassment, the company is now “cleaning the house.”

Among the Ubisoft executives moving away from their position include three powerful figures. The biggest of these names is Chief Creative Officer Serge Hascoët. Moreover, other names include Ubisoft Canada director Yannis Mallat and Global HR head Cécile Cornet.

Ubisoft is ready to clear its ranks

In a recent press release, Ubisoft noted the resignations are “reaffirmations” of its commitment. It calls it “the comprehensive work the Company is doing to improve and strengthen its workplace culture.”

“These departures come following the initiation of a rigorous review that the Company initiated in response to recent allegations and accusations of misconduct and inappropriate behavior,” said the document.

In place of Hascoët, CEO and Ubisoft co-founder Yves Guillemot will take on his role. Yannis Mallat stepped down as many of the recent allegations happened in Canada. The sheer number of these accusations make it impossible for him to continue.

At the moment, the most surprising of these resignations is Cécile Cornet. Many of the claims of sexual abuse came undiscovered under her years of tenure. Subsequently, Ubisoft notes that an immediate search for her replacement will happen soon.

The new resignations come only days after Ubisoft Vice President Maxime Beland stepped down. All these amidst the allegations of sexual harassment and abuse within the company. Moreover, there’s also a new publication of the toxic workplace culture inside Ubisoft.

French newspaper Libération claims to have evidence of how toxic it is to work in the company. One news outlet has a partial translation of the report. Likewise, much of the expose includes various claims of physical and verbal abuse.

Ubisoft CCO Serge Hascoët thought to be “untouchable”

The resignation of key Ubisoft executives is a big deal, especially Serge Hascoët. According to industry insider Jason Schreier, Hascoët is “the most powerful creative force at their company.”

Furthermore, Schreier claims, “With one word he could greenlight or cancel a project.” According to him, many employees believed he was untouchable due to his internal clout. He’s among the names closest to the CEO, and they believed “he could never be ousted.”

“In an internal message to employees tonight, Yves Guillemot said he will ‘personally oversee a complete overhaul’ of Ubisoft’s creative Editorial team, and that his ‘goal is to create an inclusive and open culture that embraces more diverse and multidisciplinary expertise,’ said Schreier in a finishing tweet.

Furthermore, Yves Guillemot is likely “cleaning house” due to his family legacy. Ubisoft executives going down left, and right is Guillemot saving Ubisoft, founded under his family’s efforts in 1986.

Featured image courtesy of Ubisoft/Official Press Release

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