Top ways digital marketing has changed in the last decade


There’s no denying the fact that the internet has transformed the marketing world in the last few years. In simple words, it has liberalized the way, businesses and companies advertise their products/services to the customers.

Previously, audio and video were the only ways to paddle communication. Now, everyone owns a smartphone, hence it is easier to bridge the gap between the business owner and the clients. Today, with increased use of the internet and social media has made it much easier to spread information.

Today, no one will buy a product unless they have sifted through the client reviews. Here, we will look at some of the intriguing ways, digital marketing has changed down the years:

1. Social Media

Today, social media has emerged as the most powerful tool, which is why every business makes the most out of it. A decade back, nobody would have even thought about using Twitter or Facebook as viable marketing options. As time went on, the increased use of social media compelled the marketers to come up with interesting strategies. Currently, Facebook alone has 2 billion active users. This when combined with Twitter amounts to 4 billion users, which registers a strong marketing platform for any business type.

2. Search Engine Optimization

SEO, which stands for search engine optimization is another strong marketing tool that helps you in getting your website ranked higher in the search engine. Today, things have changed drastically and business owners are investing in SEO because it helps in uplifting the position of your website in the eyes of the customers. Today, seldom will you come across a business owner who will not be interested in investing in SEO. A few years back, nobody would have even been interested in SEO.

3. Mobile Advertising

A decade earlier, most companies didn’t even understand the need of having a website. A few companies never even took sites seriously. However, when the concept of mobile advertising debuted in 2017, many companies started to acknowledge the importance of having a business website. Today, mobile advertising has become the need of the hour because it has a larger audience. Mobile advertising is a part of every business because it has the strength to open up greater opportunities for every business. Check out Impressive Digital – SEO Company in Sydney if you want to see how the digital marketing companies have taken the market by storm.

4. Influencer Marketing

Today, social media has brought a different angle to the advertising sector. The increased use of social media has made businesses realize that they can seek help from influencers and celebrities to reach a wider audience. Today, some celebrities have millions of fans on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, which is why they prove to be a great marketing tool for any business. If you check out the social media page of any celebrity, you will come to realize that they promote several products and services through their platforms.

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