Topps to release official NFT baseball cards on April 20


Topps, one of the world’s leading sports memorabilia and collectibles manufacturers, will release NFT baseball cards in association with the MLB.

Topps is one of the famous sports collectible trading card manufacturers in the world. They started making baseball-themed trading cards in 1951. Their baseball card format is still used as an industry standard by all card makers. Now, it has decided to ride on the NFT craze.

Topps: Topper in sports memorabilia

Topps is now the only baseball card maker who agrees with Major League Baseball, and it has experimented with NFT in the past. It sold blockchain bobbleheads in its MLB Champions game. But, this sale is significant since Topps is offering a traditional format of memorabilia in NFT.

Topps will sell the NFT trading cards in WAX blockchain, where it sold memorabilia in the past. This sale is in association with the MLB and MLB Players Inc. These NFT card packs will come to sale on April 20, 2021, at 1 p.m. E.T. The sale will include 50,000 Standard card packs and 24,090 Premium packs in the first wave.

Topps standard packs will have six pre-minted cards for $5. The premium card pack will have 45 pre-minted cards for $100. Topps is also planning to give away 10,000 free opening day NFT card pack for those who sign up for the WAX wallet to attend the sale. Currently, the sign-up offer has expired, as the first 10,000 people have registered.

NFT and memorabilia

Topps is now aiming to compete in the NFT sports memorabilia market, similar to the NBA. Recently, NBA released NBA’s white-hot top shot NFTs. These are short video clips of NBA moments, which the buyers can buy. More than 800,000 accounts have resulted in more than $500 Million in sales. Sold One such NFT clip of LeBron James dunking the ball for $208,000 to Jesse Schwartz.

Tobin Lent, vice president and general manager of Topps Digital Sports & Entertainment, said that “Our MLB blockchain NFT series debut marks a historic moment in the modern evolution of collecting for both traditional and new collectors.” These cards may have additional features such as motion pictures and hologram, and traditional features of a baseball card.

Michael Eisner, Topps chairman, said that its sports and entertainment side is already 25% digital and is growing fast. Since Topps now plans to go public, he singled out blockchain and NFTs, particularly for their wide appeal.

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