‘Torchlight 2’ is free on Epic Games today

Torchlight 2 is free on Epic Games today

Torchlight 2 is turning eight this year. But it is still a great role-playing game. The best part is Epic Games is giving it away for free until July 23.

Role-playing games age really well. Just take for example The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It has been out for five years now but continues to do well. The same goes for Torchlight 2.

This game is released in the same era as Diablo 3No, it did not surpass Diablo but it managed to get its own fan base and loyal supporters.

For those who are unaware, here is a quick overview of what the game brings to the table.

Torchlight 2 competed with Diablo 3

Torchlight 2 lets players roam freely around the map

Open-world role-playing games are becoming the norm today. But Torchlight 2 did it back then and it went really well.

Players may roam around the lands of Vilderan freely. They can explore towns in the night, day, or even different seasons. Ever wonder how it feels like to fight in the snow? Torchlight 2 brings that experience.

Another good thing is level randomization. This means that the terrain, monsters, and loot changes for every visit. It makes the game unpredictable.

Character customization

There are four character classes to choose from. Each character provides a different playing experience.

The classes are Embermage, Berskerker, Outlander, and Engineer. For each character, there are certain attributes that can be customized.

Strength increases weapon damage while dexterity gives a higher chance for critical hits. Focus adds more mana and vitality increases health.

Support for multiplayer

An eight-year-old game may have a lower number of players now. But Epic Games giving it for free might see a jump in the player base.

The great thing with more players is the increased chance of playing at a party. Friends who have not played Torchlight 2 before may now join the battle online.

Hosting a LAN party might not be viable due to the pandemic. But, it is nice to see that this game still supports local multiplayer.

Great MOD support

MODs keep a game going. Just take Minecraft for example. There are various MODs available for different scenarios.

The same goes for Torchlight 2. MODs add more flavor to the game. It spices up the playing time and relieves the stress of doing some quests.

Torchlight 2 supports the Steam workshop. It also has its own editor called GUTS. This allows players to share their MODs worldwide.

It also gives players the chance to checkout MODs created by other players.

Explore the maps of Torchlight 2

Torchlight 2 does not end

Well, it does have an ending. But, Torchlight 2 can be played from the start once the main quest is finished.

Players are allowed to use their original players with all the collected items intact. It also adjusts the difficulty of the game to make it more challenging.

It is only fair, though. Nobody wants to one-shot a monster all throughout the game.

It is also available on the Nintendo Switch

It is only recently that Torchlight 2 joined the console library. The game was PC exclusive back then.

The Nintendo Switch version was released in the last quarter of 2019. Quite late as the game came out in 2012. But, it still retained its charm and why it is one of the best-rated RPGs back then.

What’s funny with its arrival on the console is its rival. Diablo was its competitor when it came out eight years ago. This time, it is still competing with Diablo 3 as the best RPG game for the Nintendo Switch.

The regular price of Torchlight 2 today is $10 on Steam. It is not expensive but getting it for free is better.

Torchlight 2 might be old but it still fairs well by today’s standards. The good thing is the majority of computers are now able to play it smoothly. The game has aged like fine wine indeed.

Images (1) (2) (3) courtesy of Torchlight 2/Nintendo

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