Toronto Raptors, underdogs expose Los Angeles Lakers

Toronto Raptors, underdogs expose Los Angeles Lakers

The Toronto Raptors handed the Los Angeles Lakers their first loss in the NBA bubble since the season restarted in Disney World.

The NBA is finally back, and fans couldn’t be any happier. Players and teams are settling in just fine inside the bubble. The games feel like as if the season never got suspended because of COVID-19. That is except for some lopsided games such as the Pelicans’ loss against the Clippers.

Nonetheless, the matches have been competitive, and the Playoffs couldn’t come any faster. The Los Angeles Lakers, however, could disagree. They still have to fix some issues with their roster based on the L they received from the Raptors.

Toronto Raptors handle the Lakers

For most of the game, the Lakers looked formidable against the defending champs. They went toe-to-toe from the first to the third quarter. The starting five of the Lakers were missing during the first half of the game. Had it not been for their bench scoring, the Lakers would have been buried early.

The Raps came in prepared to neutralize the Lakers’ offense by going straight to the body of Anthony Davis. The big man didn’t have much breathing room because of the choking double team every time he’d get the ball. As a result, Davis only scored a measly point during the first half of the matchup.

Lowry showed his championship pedigree in the game. The veteran point guard was all over the court, showing no signs of fatigue. He scored 33 points, grabbed a career-high 14 rebounds, and dished out 6 assists. What stands out the most was his board clean up. It is no small feat because he had to battle against the towering Lakers big men Davis, Howard, and McGee.

James gives credit to the Raptors

Lebron James knows what a championship team is made of. Despite losing Kawhi Leonard, the Raptors maintained the majority of their 2019 NBA Finals team. They also still have Nick Nurse as the captain of the ship. As such, the DNA of the team is still well intact. James said,

“That’s a great team… The media may not talk about them much or give them much credit because Kawhi [Leonard] is gone, but players in the league definitely know what type of team they are.”

The Lakers missed their chance to clinch the best record in the West after losing. Nonetheless, their position atop the conference ladder for the Playoffs stays safe.

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