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Toshiba laptops are out of the business for good


Toshiba has finally dropped out of the laptop industry. Last week, the company sold the rest of its stake to Sharp. This marks the end of Toshiba laptops.

Back in 2018, Sharp 80.1% of shares from Toshiba for US$36 million[AU$50 million]. Since then, Toshiba laptops and its PC department are at a higher risk of folding down.

Sharp expressed its interest in purchasing the remaining shares from Toshiba. Both parties agreed, and Toshiba sold the remaining 19.1% percent shares to Sharp Dynabook. The laptop and PC department has been called Dynabook since its first buyout.

The agreement came forth last June. However, Toshiba only released its statement this month.

“As a result of this transfer, Dynabook has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sharp,” stated Toshiba.

A rich history in the laptop business

Toshiba was one of the major contenders in the laptop market back then. The Japanese tech-giant created its first laptop back in 1985 called the T1100.

This laptop has excellent specs for its $2,000.

However, its rich history could not save it from modern times.

Besides, the laptop market is getting saturated with companies. Toshiba could not keep up with its models.

Lenovo, Dell, and HP were the companies that are around during Toshiba’s peak. These companies are still doing great until now. They adapted well to the market by providing great value to their consumers.

The last time that Toshiba did well was nine years ago. Back in 2011, the company sold 17.7 million units. But that was its last good year.

Last 2017, Toshiba only sold around 1.4 million units. The company hit rock bottom in 2015 after reporting a loss of $318 million.

Toshiba laptops were great devices back in the day. Too bad it could not keep up with today’s demands.

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