‘Total War: Warhammer 2’ gets new DLC, featuring Henry Cavill inspired character

'Total War: Warhammer 2' The Warden and the Paunch Official Logo

A new DLC releases for Total War: Warhammer 2 and with it is a character inspired after Netflix’s Geralt of Rivia, Henry Cavill.

The DLC titled ‘The Warden and the Paunch’ launches today, May 21.

Players who get the latest DLC to Creative Assembly’s highly-acclaimed title will get to play as Cavill, a High Elf Loremaster.

Cavill Who?

The moniker ‘Cavill’ alone may not be telling enough. But there are other elements to this new character that’s suspicious and points where its inspiration comes from.

One would be the figure’s trait eerily called ‘White Wolf’ which gives the character boosted ability when faced against large enemies. Knowing Warhammer 2’s main campaign, this is definitely a skill that is not without its valuable application.

The ‘White Wolf’ label, to the uninitiated, refers to the protagonist of The Witcher series, Geralt of Rivia. That is the same persona that Henry Cavill played a lead role as from his recent project for Netflix.

Those familiar with The Witcher games would identify to the fact that as the titular witcher, Geralt bears the alias ‘White Wolf.’ A title well earned given mostly by his white hair. Not as an albino but as a result of an event that would be a major spoiler to tell.

That and many of his staple enemies are indeed gargantuan in breadth, including golems, griffins, trolls, dragons, etc.

Seasoned players of CD Projekt Red’s successful franchise would also recall these large creatures for bearing unique names. Some of which alien-sounding, possibly derived from Polish folklore as seen in the books.

Another distinguishing pointer to The Witcher’s hero would be the use of the words ‘Wind’s howling’ somewhere in the game’s texts. That is yet another popular reference to the series, particularly within their shared lore.

It’s Henry, Really

But many would probably question this claim as nothing short of an accident. This is primarily considering the fact that the Warhammer series is no way in link to The Witcher series.

That is worth reckoning as an argument. But the developers themselves, Creative Assembly, admitted that there is a direct allusion to both Geralt and Henry with regards to the elf character. That pretty much ends all debate about the topic.

There is a good story to it all, however. And it is more than just a game company suddenly drawing inspiration from one of Hollywood’s stars.

The connection of Henry Cavill being an open Warhammer 2 diehard fan who claims to have played the game in its entirety. In return, the Creative Assembly created a DLC figure aimed to honor a popular fan, that is, a ‘certain Mr. Cavill.’

Image used courtesy of YouTube/GameSpot Trailers

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