Touch ID will return to iPhone with in-display IR imaging!

Touch ID is set to make a return to the iPhone in the future. Apple is reportedly working on a new IR imaging system to achieve this.

Apple Insider reported that the California tech giant is working to bring back Touch ID on the iPhone. And that it will happen soon in the coming years.

Interestingly, Apple wants to introduce a new way of fingerprint this time in the future phone. It will use an IR imaging system to inculcate the Touch ID under the display.

Yes, other smartphone manufacturers have already done this. However, it will be intriguing to see how Apple will implement it with an Infrared system.

Touch ID and Face ID together on the iPhone

The most-valued company in the world wants to bring the fingerprint tradition without a physical button. New reports reveal that the new Touch ID will be under the screen of the iPhone.

The clear reason to bring it back is mostly the pandemic. During the COVID-19 lockdown phase and outside situations, users aren’t able to use Face ID properly because they have to keep the masks on the face to stay safe.

Other scenarios include instances of people using the Face ID for payment or any other authentication. They cannot properly do that since they need to take off the mask most of the time. This doesn’t seem right to do at all amid the crisis right now.

And Apple might have noticed it very obviously in the last few months. So in the future, it wants to place both the mediums of unlocking the phone. It means that we will get Face ID along with the beloved fingerprint identification system as well.

A recent patent filed on Tuesday reveals that the company is now serious about introducing in-display fingerprint soon. The patent was titled “Shortwave infrared optical imaging through an electronic device display.”

Upcoming product launch event from Apple

Meanwhile, there is another good news coming next week for the iOS device users. Apple’s “One More Thing” event will introduce revamped products along with surprise announcements.

Although it’s already known what products will be revealed, firstly, there’s the Apple Silicon processor-based Macbook Pro series. Another possible news will be on AirTags, eventually. Then there’s the anticipated information over iOS 14.3 as well. The “Release Candidate” iOS 14.2 was recently rolled out after many users faced an annoying notification bug.

The last virtual Apple event of 2020 is supposed to bring several exciting revelations for the iPhone users. And apart from rumored news, everyone is hoping for something extra also.

Image courtesy of oatawa/Shutterstock

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