‘Tower of God’ Update: When the franchise’s lengthy hiatus will end?


The Tower of God is still on hiatus, but will it soon end after its creator, Slave In Utero, gave a status update?

In a post on his blog, SIU revealed he will get back to work in mid-November and promised to soon announce the exact date. However, he retracted what he said when the month came after experiencing wrist pain again. Is there still a future for the Tower of God to continue?

SIU’s lengthy break

According to Monsters and Critics, the doctor recommends SIU to take his medicine and reduce his work hours.

The cartoonist is suffering from “damaged and inflamed” ligaments, which got weaker after his previous examination.

To counter this, he has been regularly exercising his back and neck to get better, but he is still waiting for his wrist to improve.

So, SIU deleted his post about his planned comeback last month and decided to delay his return again.

Anyhow, the delay may only last for weeks, including the existing schedule breaks.

“I was in a hurry when I tried to come back, and this happened,” SIU said. “As I said, maybe it will take a few more weeks.”

He continued that if the wrist gets better after his rest, he will schedule a return date, and fans will quickly know. This way, there will be a chance for the Tower of God to continue.

Even so, fans should never have high hopes as SIU said he would never make a hasty decision.

The title’s possible return

Comicbook reported a lot of fans believed Tower of God would return after the first season wrapped up.

After fans were hyped with SIU’s supposed return, they were still patiently waiting for the series to continue.

As for its future, nothing is known about the series so far. Everyone behind the scenes has remained mum about the issue, keeping every detail a secret.

There are also no words about Tower of God Season 2, but Crunchyroll and Webtoon are continuously airing the shows that came alongside the title.

By the looks of it, the anime’s second installment may likely come after Webtoon has aired all of its shows. So when will it possibly happen? No one knows.

The studio needs all the information that it can get when giving a show a renewal. So, aside from Tower of God’s official return, fans are also hoping to see the series’ Season 2.

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