Town hall as a venue for the dual presidential debate

What questions were answered, and what was left floating in the air on the town hall presidential debate.

Last year, the town hall stage was set before the coronavirus pandemic or the democratic presidential nominee’s announcement. But last week, following The president’s COVID-19 diagnosis, he refused even virtually to participate in the debate with Joe Biden.

Shortly, Trump’s campaign proposed a delay in the debate by a week and further postponed the last two. The proposal was rejected by Biden, who went ahead and booked his place for the debate.

After the doctors cleared Trump to attend public activities, both the candidates agreed to hold an individual town hall debate that starts at 8 PM.

Many therapies and vaccines are coming

Trump’s choice of place was Miami with Savannah Guthrie. At the same time, Biden chose Philadelphia, moderated by George Stephanopoulos.

As the debate started, both the candidates were grilled on topics like the ongoing pandemic, white supremacy, taxes, and the supreme court.

In the debate, Trump credited himself as the winner in handling the pandemic, saying that the nation rounded off.

When the moderator Guthrie challenged his statements, Trump answered that his administration had done an amazing job, and many therapies and vaccines are coming.

On the other end, Biden criticized the president and said that he downplayed the situation after knowing the pandemic’s severity.

Just a few days ahead, Trump retweeted a post by QAnon. In the post, the QAnon group alleged that former president Obama fabricated the killing of Osama bin Ladin.

To not be someone’s crazy uncle

When the moderator questioned his action, Trump repeatedly said he didn’t know anything about the group.

But upon further discussion, he stated that he was only sharing an opinion of somebody. Guthrie made a stark comment by replying that he’s not someone’s crazy uncle to retweet, but rather the United States’ president.

Furthermore, Biden was asked by a parent about his take on LGBTQ rights. He said that he would straight up change the law to provide everyone equal rights.

$400 million is just a peanut

In the debate, Biden tried to clear his stand on the court-packing. He said he’s not a fan, but it will depend upon Barrett’s supreme court’s confirmation.

In another heated exchange in Miami, the president confirmed his $400 million debt. He also playfully dismissed it by saying it’s just a peanut compared to his other vast properties.

Image courtesy of Evan El-Amin/Shutterstock

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