TraderCobb offers 77% discount on Community and Live Trading Floor yearly subscriptions


TraderCobb is offering a special Chinese New Year promo of 77% discount on its yearly subscriptions, for the price of eight months.

The Community Subscription offers include updates from the latest happenings in the market, a detailed Bitcoin analysis, trade tips, and other useful techniques used by TraderCobb’s team of seasoned traders.

To keep group members in touch with current market trends, daily notifications are sent, in addition to direct access to mentors and apprentices through direct messaging.

And to make trading as fun and engaging as possible, TraderCobb offers yearly membership to its Exclusive Trading Community where members work together for their success.

Members can avail themselves of the yearly Community Subscription for only $599 — from $1,764

TraderCobb provides a complete set of tools for you to master the art of cryptocurrency trading in the easiest way possible.

“It is our drive and true passion to help you become the best trader you can be,” Craig Cobb, Founder and Professional Trader says.

According to Dean Shipp, business manager, since joining and learning the Trader Cobb strategy, “I am profitable in my trading.”

Apart from the Community Subscription, TraderCobb also offers a yearly Live Trading Floor subscription

It comes with daily one-hour scans of the Top 100 trading pairs, a Watchlist preparation, an exclusive LTF Slack Channel for real-time communication, and updates on market events.

The LTF subscription also includes heads-up alerts on daily trades and from group members, video updates on Bitcoin, and priority access to Craig and the hardworking team.

Like the Community Subscription, it also includes direct access to TraderCobb mentors and apprentices via DM and a yearly membership to its ETC.

Valued at $5,964, the Live Trading Floor subscription has been cut to only $599.

Make the right move and be part of TraderCobb’s successful group of traders today. To avail of the discount, click HERE.

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