Transfers from ‘Pokemon GO’ to ‘Pokemon HOME’ allegedly will require PokeCoins

Pokemon GO's PokeCoins

Pokemon HOME is continuing the tradition that Pokemon Bank has left off by acting as a repository of caught Pokemons in the cloud.

Real Pokemon trainers would require the Pokemon HOME app if they are serious in completing their Pokedexes as well as getting exclusive freebies. However, for Pokemon GO players, there is a catch—it’s not free.

In an article that accompanies the announcement that Pokemon GO will soon become supported in Pokemon Home, a statement can be found which does claim the premise. The discovery comes from fans who were critical in the announcement according to written statements. SerebiiNet itself, the platform to where the announcement came from, corroborates to the claim via a tweet.

PokeCoins required

To be more specific, it appears that Pokemon GO players will have to pay in PokeCoins just to make a transfer of their best monsters from the game. How much PokeCoins is required for the process, however, remains hidden and is a topic for future disclosure. The support for Pokemon transfer from GO to Home will actually not be a thing until later in the year, after all.

Despite that setback, it appears that the transfer from the game to the repository platform may have its perk. Beneficial enough for anyone to try it at least once. The advantage being an exclusive giveaway of Gigantamax Melmetal for the first-time transfer of any Pokemon.

For players of Pokemon Sword and Shield, that would mean saving them the time of farming some special mushrooms to enable the transformation to Melmetal, if they have the Pokemon already. Which veterans may recall as having had a fresh intro in the Gen VII of mainline Pokemon, or Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu/Eevee.

As of writing, a Gigantamax Melmetal is not yet possible in Sword and Shield’s current version. Instead, it will appear as part of the rollout of the game’s second DLC, The Tundra Crown.

Shiny Meltan in the wild

Meantime, existing Pokemon GO players may want to remain active with the game at this time. This is in light of the ongoing event which shall make player encounter a shiny Meltan, Melmetal’s previous form.

Aside from the issue of charging PokeCoins for the transfer, Pokemon Home seems also to impose cooldowns after every successful transaction. A period when the user will find himself temporarily unable to use the service until the waiting time expires. While the duration is not determined, players are prevented from doing multiple transactions between short bursts. But this “cooldown” can be shortened by using PokeCoins. The cost of which also not mentioned.

Image used courtesy of Pokemon GO

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