Travis Barker plans to fly again after surviving plane crash

Travis Barker

Travis Barker is currently considering to brave his trauma and fly again.

Over a decade since Travis Barker got involved in a plane crash, the rapper expressed his desire to be aboard again.

In a new update on his Twitter account, Barker revealed he might fly again. His fans immediately support him by sharing their own plane stories.

One fan said, “I was in a plane crash as a child. It took me a few years to fly again. I fly all the time now, but every once and awhile the fear creeps back in. Breathing helps. I hope you make it back up one day.”

“No one could blame you if you never wanted to again. Hopefully we will see you in Australia sometime in the future,” Danny Clayton wrote.

Meanwhile, others alleged that Barker felt better when he began dating Kourtney Kardashian.

The two sparked dating rumors when the musician dropped flirty comments on Kourtney’s Instagram posts. They even posted similar photos of their view from Kris Jenner’s Palm Springs vacation home.

In January 2021, Us Magazine confirmed that they are officially a couple and have been dating for months.

Travis Barker’s Plane Crash Incident

Barker’s new comment came after he revealed that the crash changed his life and pushed him to be sober.

In an interview with Men’s Health, Barker revealed that some people alleged that he admitted himself to rehab. However, he made the changes on himself differently.

“[And] I [say], ‘No, I was in a plane crash.’ That was my rehab. Lose three of your friends and almost die? That was my wake-up call. If I wasn’t in a crash, I would have probably never quit,” he revealed.

Although he survived, he spent almost 11 weeks in the hospital. His opioid tolerance also caused him to wake up during surgeries. Meanwhile, his body suffered from burns that over 60 percent of it got injured.

The incident led him to receive over 26 surgeries and several skin grafts. What happened to him also made him relearn how to walk. He even heard he might not be able to run again due to the grafts. What was worst is that he almost got banned from playing the drums again.

“As soon as I could walk, I could run. As soon as I could move my hands and my hands healed, I was playing drums. And now I’m in better shape than I’ve ever been,” he went on.

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