TREASURE to recreate choreography of ‘MMM’

YG Entertainment released a formal statement regarding its response to concerns about the new choreography of TREASURE.

On November 8, the agency officially announced that they would be modifying the choreography of the new title track of the group titled MMM.

Fans expressed concerns that the moves might be dangerous for the members to perform repeatedly.

YG Entertainment would like to thank the TREASURE MAKERs, the group’s official fandom, for the love and interest.

The first choreography of TREASURE

Moreover, to show their fans a spectacular dance performance, TREASURE practiced its choreography countless times in a long time.

They were able to film the music video, and they also performed their first music show without facing any problems.

They will be starting to modify the intense choreography that the fans were worried about within the band’s next performance. However, TREASURE plans to continue promoting actively until the end of the year.

YG Entertainment is sincerely thanking everyone for cheering on TREASURE with their undying warm love and support.

They will undoubtedly continue to consider the health and safety of the members of the group. They will be putting safety their top priority and always be careful as they prepare for the group to return with even better performances and choreography in the future.

Top of the charts

On the other news, the latest single of TREASURE topped multiple international charts.
On November 6, YG Entertainment group TREASURE made a comeback with their single album THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER THREE with its title track MMM.

After the release, the title track is on the top of various iTunes charts worldwide. As of November 7, it hit No.1 in the Top Song Charts in eight different countries, including Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Paraguay, and the Philippines.

MMM also topped in Japan and reached No.1 in Line Music’s real-time and Rakuten Music’s rankings.

Image courtesy of TREASURE/YouTube Screenshot

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