‘Trials of Mana’ is announced for mobile, comes with a release date

Trials of Mana official trailer snapshot

Trials of Mana, a remaster of the original game of the same title, is getting a mobile release. RPG fans who are seeking for a game to sink their teeth into could find it in this Square Enix title.

In celebration of Seiken Densetsu’s 30th anniversary, Square Enix launched a livestream dedicated to the franchise. Dubbed simply as Mana, the special saw announcements pertaining to the topic, which includes a surprising mobile launch for Trials of Mana.

Eager RPG fans need not have to wait very long as the game is slated for release on July 15. That is, in both iOS and Android devices. Upon its launch, the mobile port will come at a price of $23.99, which contrasts the game’s original price of $49.99.

Slightly Unique Experience

Intended to be a notably disparate experience from the console versions, the mobile rendition will come with a simplified UI. That’s user-interface which takes into great consideration the platform’s heavy reliance on a touchscreen for control. But as managing the game on a flat surface inevitably has its own difficulty, Square Enix is applying some essential quality-of-life improvements. Particularly, the addition of various automated capabilities that make the combat experience more user-friendly than challenging.

Mana Series in Retrospect

Launched back in 2020, the game easily hooked the audiences with its cutesy presentation. But more than just its appealing looks and engaging combat, the title is also loved for being true-to-source rendition. Subsequently, giving veteran players a nostalgic experience, albeit with a completely new 3D design.

Featuring multiple characters, the game offers multiple replays and playthroughs, depending on player’s choosing. There are six characters in total, which are segmented into three major subplots in pairs. The option of which directs which villain the player would be facing along a particular narrative. But players have the flexibility to choose which two other characters to join with, in addition to the main one.

The original Trials of Mana released as a title for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1995. This comes at a time when Square Enix became an RPG powerhouse and was diversifying from its mainline RPG, Final Fantasy. The seminal title made a strong following through its compelling gameplay which highlights real-time battle, along with RPG elements.

Different Mana

In another news, a previously PlayStation-exclusive title, Legend of Mana, has also seen recent release on the Switch. It is a remaster specifically for the modern hardware but comes off as a spin-off, rather than a mainline entry.

Image used courtesy of GameSpot Trailers/YouTube Screenshot

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