Tribeca Film Festival to consider video games for ‘Official Selection’ from 2021

Starting next year, the Tribeca Film Festival will also recognize video games to be considered for an “Official Selection.”

So far, only a few of the names have been honored in the event’s history.

It was almost a decade ago, in 2011, when the video game called LA Noir was chosen for an “official selection.”

Speaking of recent years then, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, God of War, What Remains of Earth, and Firewatch have been noticed at the Tribeca Film Festival. But in terms of “official selection,” 2021 will be memorable for future releases. And for those also that are already out.

Tribeca Games Award for deserving titles

Moreover, the festival will also introduce a whole new category called the ‘Tribeca Games Award.’ It will be an icing on the cake for the popular video games.

For doing proper justice to recognize video games, the gaming advisory board will include several prominent creators.

As per EuroGamer, Electronic Arts’ co-founder Bing Gordon, Geoff Keighley (Games Award Producer), and Hideo Kojima of Kojima Productions are included in the board.

Remedy’s creative director Sam Lake and Halo Transmedia & Entertainment’s head Kiki Wolfkill are also a part of it.

Tribeca Film Festival’s CEO on video games

In media interactions, Tribeca’s co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Jane Rosenthal, explained that its time to celebrate the efforts of those who put all the hard work behind story-driven great video games.

Praising the game developers, she also said that nowadays, “stories have become games and games have become stories.”

Moreover, Tribeca Games’ Vice President Casey Baltes added that in current times, video games are “storytelling vehicles.”

She also said that they all are excited to celebrate the games and their creators.

In the last seven years, video games have earned their due respect. Events like The Games Award started in 2014, have made them big.

Creators also get inspiration and motivation after getting so much recognition at a global stage and platform. And it’s special because it is solely for gamers and game developers–and everyone involved in gaming.

2020 might be a cursed year, but it has witnessed some great releases and several upcoming ones. Marvel’s Avengers, The Last of Us: Part 2, Ghost of Tsushima are just some popular titles. There are tons of them.

The highly anticipated and long-awaited video game Cyberpunk 2077 will be on every gamer’s radar upon its arrival in November.

It’s a lovely time to be alive for all die-hard game lovers.

Image courtesy of Christopher Penler/Shutterstock

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