Tristan Thompson may land back in Cleveland during the offseason


Tristan Thompson may still end up as a Cavalier in the upcoming NBA 2020-2021 season despite the big man logjam in the roster.

Tristan Thompson is only one of the three players left in the 2016 NBA championship roster with the Cavaliers. He shares the spot with Matthew Delavedova and fellow big man, Kevin Love.

The Cavs’ run during that year is considered as one of the sports’ greatest moments. After all, the team was facing a 3-1 deficit against the reigning NBA champions, Golden State Warriors. Despite all odds, the team fought their way back to earning the team’s and city’s first-ever NBA championship trophy.

Tristan Thompson was a crucial piece in that roster, and the team doesn’t look like they will let go of the Canadian big man easily.

Cavs big man logjam

The Cavaliers are one of the eight teams already booted from contention in this year’s NBA restart. Hence the team can rebuild earlier than the other teams still playing for the trophy.

Since the playing season has already ended for the Cavs, the contract of Tristan Thompson also ends with it.

Cleveland has a big decision to make about Thompson’s fate. Not surprisingly, the big man played like a mad man during his contract year. Had it not been for the coronavirus pandemic, Tristan Thompson could have ended up achieving career highs across his box score.

He averaged 12.0 points and 10 rebounds and efficiently scored the basket at 51.2% from the field. Nonetheless, the big decision of the Cavs will greatly base on which big man they would like to keep.

Coincidentally, the team traded for Andre Drummond a little before the lockdowns happened. Drummond’s playing style ate up Thompson’s time, but head coach J.B. Bickerstaff found an athletic twin tower in the two.

Cavs love playing with Tristan

The sample size of the Drummond-Thompson combo is scarce. Nevertheless, the players surrounding the big man seemed to love having him around. Fellow big man and three-point shooter Kevin Love said,

“I love what Tristan brings. He’s a guy that’s had a little few nagging injuries, but for the most part incredibly durable and you know what you’re going to get. He just works extremely hard. And he lets his effort and that motor do so much.”

A league source close to Thompson said, “He hasn’t necessarily played his final game there.” The statement can be interpreted in more ways than one. Be that as it may, Thompson is valuable to the team beyond the numbers.

He started his career with Cleveland nine years ago. Ever since then, he has been a durable and dependable guy on the block. He has also matured into a leader in the court.

That is why the Cavs may give him two good decisions to choose from. The first is to sign back with the team for a hefty one year deal. Second is to agree to a sign-and-trade deal that can earn him his rightful buck.

Image courtesy of NBA/ Youtube

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