Trot singer Noh Ji Hoon almost became a part of BTS

Trot idols Noh Ji Hoon, Ryu Ji Kwang, and Kim Soo Chan were featured on the October 26 episode of SBS Plus’ variety program Eating Out Day: Season 2.

During the conversation of the group, Noh Ji Hoon made a shocking revelation. He said that he is supposed to be one of BTS’ members.

Noh Ji Hoon is a South Korean trot idol singer and is also called Roh Ji Hoon. After his appearance on Birth of a Great Star by placing 8th, he was first discovered.

In 2011, he trained with BTS under Big Hit Entertainment. Later on, he transferred to Cube Entertainment. Right before he debuted as a solo artist, he prepared for a year first by training.

Noh Ji Hoon’s revelation

Noh Ji Hoon’s appearance on the show draws massive viewers to the episode. He told the cast and viewers about the hardships he faced while preparing to debut as a singer.

Also, he revealed how he almost became a part of BTS. The guesting of the singer became explosive as it garnered one of the highest the show has seen.

On his talk, he said that he was scouted by Big Hit Entertainment CEO Bang Si Hyuk after an audition program.

Noh Ji Hoon was put in the line-up for BTS while training under the company and even shared housing with the group.

Being in a group is not the trot singer’s desire

Furthermore, the trot singer revealed in the interview that he never dreamed of being a part of a group. He said that being a solo artist is his heart’s desire. “I dreamed of being the second Rain. I received an offer from the CEO who discovered Rain. Later on, I ended up transferring to their company.”

After his revelation, Kang Ho Dong then asked him if what choice would he make if he could go back in time and become a member of BTS.

With a straight forward answer, he revealed that he would not change anything.

He continued that he does not see himself becoming a member of BTS. “I think the current group is just perfect,” he expressed.

Image courtesy of 1theK/YouTube Screenshot

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