Trump on COVID-19 stimulus: Stop negotiation until after ‘I win’ election

Trump on COVID-19 stimulus: Stop negotiation until after 'I win' election

President Donald Trump has recently tweeted on putting a halt on COVID-19 stimulus negotiations until after the Presidential election.

The president’s tweet became more controversial than it already is when he said, “immediately after I win.” Instead of prioritizing the stimulus talks, Trump has ordered Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell “to focus on getting his Supreme Court nominee approved,” says CNET

Trump priorities

Doubts loom on the president’s intentions for confirming his Supreme Court nominee before the election. Although, he himself has told the media that filling the seat is very important, as the results of the Presidential elections will likely head to Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, the stimulus negotiations are being put into place as thousands of U.S. citizens still remain unemployed as the COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc. Trump slams House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for asking US$2.4 trillion, and says, “she is not negotiating in good faith.”

Political analysts and news outlets have discussed this matter, saying approving the stimulus package could actually help Trump on his election. Hours later, on Tuesday evening, he tweeted a possible change of heart.

He tags House Speaker Pelosi, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Senate Majority Leader McConnell, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, and Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer.

His tweet reads:

“If I am sent a Stand Alone Bill for Stimulus Checks ($1,200), they will go out to our great people IMMEDIATELY. I am ready to sign right now. Are you listening Nancy?”

NBC News notes that it looks like the White House will plan to “push a series of smaller, individual packages on mutually agreed-upon items.”

Pelosi responds to Trump’s decision

Pelosi’s response to Trump’s “stand alone bill” offer is yet to be known. On his previous tweets, on the other hand, the House Speaker has already given her two-cent about it.

An excerpt from her official statement release expresses how the “White House is in complete disarray.” Pelosi says:

“Sadly, they are rejecting the urgent warnings of Fed Chairman Powell today, that ‘Too little support would lead to a weak recovery, creating unnecessary hardship for households and businesses.  Over time, household insolvencies and business bankruptcies would rise, harming the productive capacity of the economy and holding back wage growth.  By contrast, the risks of overdoing it seem, for now, to be smaller.  Even if policy actions ultimately prove to be greater than needed, they will not go to waste.’”

Trump’s abrupt decision confused the many. While supposedly being treated for COVID-19 at Walter Reeds, per Bloomberg Politics, he tweeted the need for the stimulus. Analysts question whether Trump might be playing “hardball” on the negotiations.


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