Trump returns to White House after treatment from COVID-19 infection

Donald Trump, the President of the United States, returned to the White House after treatment for the COVID-19 infection, but his actions may surprise you!

After doctors at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Centre announcement, Donald Trump returned to the White House for the COVID-19 infection after four long days.

Donald Trump “defeated Coronavirus”

Trump often made the headlines for not advising his countrymen to be cautious and safe from Coronavirus. While doctors were working hard and dying to make people wear masks, Trump hated doing so. He never wore a mask except for a few times. He wore masks only when visiting a military hospital and other such events.

“Don’t let it dominate you. Don’t be afraid of it,” Trump said in a recorded video message. “We’re going back, we’re going back to work. We’re going to be out front. Don’t let it dominate your lives. Get out there, be careful.”

Trump is now very busy in campaigning for his re-election for the office of the President. He and his pal Mike Pence are keen to get people’s votes to retain their public office. They were on a campaign spree when the COVID-19 infected Trump. It is widely believed that Trump got the infection from Hope Hicks, his political campaign aide.

Hope Hicks accompanied Trump for a fundraiser in Minnesota on Wednesday and got a fever. She isolated herself aboard Air Force One, and doctors confirmed that Hope tested positive for Coronavirus. Then, Trump was tested for Coronavirus and confirmed his infection. He and his wife Melania got infected by the virus, along with more than a dozen White House officials.

The doctors advised Trump to go to the hospital as soon as possible due to low oxygen levels. Then Trump went to Walter Reed National Military Medical Centre on Friday and stayed for four days. He even took a short ride to cheer his supporters gathered outside the hospital during his short stay.

Return to White House

He was discharged on Tuesday from there, and he returned to the White house. Trump seemed pretty well. There were many choreographed moments for the press to exhibit Trump’s “victory” over the infection. He walked alone from the golden doors of Walter Reed, walked to his limousine. Then, he went to the White House in Marine One.

Donald Trump climbed the South portico stairs of the White House instead of using elevators. He removed his mask and saluted the Marine One. He is still not wearing his mask, though he has COVID-19. Trump never seems to be considering the risk of the COVID-19 and risks others’ lives.

White House sources speculate that Trump has fallen behind Joe Biden in the presidential campaign. But previous reports show that Joe was already ahead of trump before his infection episode.

Trump tweeted a series of tweets and promised to come back better than ever. He also stated that he felt rejuvenated after the visit and is now better than 20 years ago.

Image courtesy of Nicole Glass Photography/Shutterstock

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