Trump supporters angry after he condemns the US Capitol act

It seems like supporters of Donald Trump are now blaming himself only! It’s due to his condemning remarks on their violence inside the US Capitol.

According to The Independent, all the MAGA people who supported Trump in his mission of turning back the election results are angry. Why? Well, it’s simply because their leader made a U-turn after the shocking US Capitol insurrection by them on Wednesday. As per them, it was he who initially pumped them to go to such an extent. And now, he’s trying to remove himself away from people who blindly trusted him.

Those who backed the Republican candidate for Presidency reacted on Reddit with very harsh words for Trump.

US Capitol incident: Second insurrection in 206 years!

Meanwhile, the world is still in shock after the “black day” in America’s history of democracy. Many world leaders have already condemned the violent act inside the US Capitol building.

But it wasn’t the first time that the building faced such chaos from the people. It initially saw a similar event way back in 1814! Yes, around 206 years ago, many citizens entered the Capitol building just like the recent incident. That act was as unlawful as the modern-day era.

Coming back to MAGA supporters’ outrage, then it can be called a case of blind following and faith. They trusted everything, and every lie that Mr. Trump told them. Instead of thinking rationally and clearly, they just took his words in a literal manner. And what’s happened now can’t be undone.

When he saw all fingers pointed towards him, he eventually denounced all those who backed him in his 2020 campaign. He called their mob violence unlawful and “mayhem.”

“Like all Americans, I am outraged by the violence, lawlessness, and mayhem,” he said in a short video after the incident.

He even mentioned that his MAGA people “defiled” the seat of the democracy of America. All those involved in this act of “violence and destruction” do not represent the nation.

In fact, his White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany also said similar things and backed his words. She said that those who committed this act are not part of what this (Trump) administration stands for.

What’s next for America?

Things are pretty clear now, especially after what has transpired. Joe Biden is set to take his Presidential oath soon, this month. He’s also been officially accepted as the 46th US President, along with vice-president Kamala Harris.

However, a bitter start to this year following the US Capitol building’s events shows that things are not going to be easy for the new President. He will need to have a strong approach to restoring the great Democracy America is known for.


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