TrustSwap fast-tracks mainstreaming event-based, time-released payments

TrustSwap fast-tracks mainstreaming event-based, time-released payments

Blockchain technology is leading the future of the world’s economic system with promising outcomes. TrustSwap helps boost this rising trend by setting a DeFi ecosystem that’s keen on easy user experience.

TrustSwap has been a rising star, and crypto analysts are noticing its promising platform. The services they offer have reportedly existed before. Still, in a way, TrustSwap is making sure that their platform will catch a normal person’s interest and likely entrust its financial transactions to them.

As Altcoin Daily highlights in its YouTube review, the user experience is made as easy as “plug and play.” It seems like the direction that TrustSwap is aiming at is to fast track the adaptation of event-based and time-released payments—among others—into the mainstream trend.

How do event-based payments work on the platform?

The very core of what TrustSwap is standing on de-risking business and financial transactions at low-cost solutions. Basically, at a layman’s point of view, it’s offering more secure and trustworthy engagement with strangers at a beyond reasonable price range.

With TrustSwap’s event-based payments, it’s getting your money’s worth on projects that people decide to invest in. With this, the platform creates a roadmap of accomplishments based on events, wherein investors can actually track the progress of the projects and only allow payments to go through when certain accomplishments have been completed.

As its website describes it: “Teams can only unlock investment funds after they hit promised milestones.” Another great benefit of this is that investors can decide to pull out from a project when it observes that the team is not meeting the goals set or “If they don’t hit the milestones.”

TrustSwap’s debut comes conveniently at a time where scams are at its peak more than ever. Running after culprits or holding people accountable for such great losses is more likely a long and hopeless process.

Shortening the process, by eliminating middlemen and throwing a non-custodial platform instead, makes it more appealing to very meticulous clients. It takes out the stress on doubting both the team and the middlemen that’ll handle investors’ hard-earned crypto funds.

Also, by slowly distributing the token release, it helps build a long-term relationship between the transactional parties, which shows devotion for the partnership being built.

Mainstreaming time-released payments

As Altcoin Daily highlights in its review, the crypto subscription or time-released payments have been around since Ethereum was invented back in 2015. What makes it noteworthy today, five years later, is that TrustSwap aims to make it user-friendly and inviting to use for the common public.

As mentioned before, this method has existed for a good few years now but has only been accessible to those who know how to. But with this new platform, the process is made easier.

The team at TrustSwap is slowly making this secluded method of payment more accessible, bringing to the mainstream of the economy. Parents can now schedule weekly allowances to be sent, and employers will have a more systematic and automated payment scheme sent to their contractors.

With the platform’s smart contract feature, employers may “never have to use antiquated payroll software again.”

Featured image courtesy of TrustSwap/YouTube Screenshot

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