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Truth about Brad Pitt’s dating life since Angelina Jolie divorce


Rumors about Brad Pitt’s dating life have been rampant since his divorce from Angelina Jolie. Allegedly, he has rekindled his romance with Jennifer Aniston, which is not true.

He is also said to be dating Alia Shawkat, which is another made-up story. Now, the latest in the rumor mill is that Brad Pitt has a thing with Renee Bargh. Anyhow, fans should only take this assumption with a grain of salt as there is no proof that these two are dating.

Renee Bargh’s ‘butterflies’ feeling

Allegedly, the entertainment reporter felt there were butterflies whenever the 56-year-old actor was around.

“I think there’s always butterflies when Brad Pitt is around? I’m only human,” Renee Bargh, allegedly, she said, as quoted by New Idea. “I’m always a little nervous to speak to him; you feel his presence before you see him.”

Although that sounds romantic, it looks like the Channel V Australia host refers to the general feeling when seeing a Hollywood A-lister. It is not the first time she gets linked to a famed leading man. She was also reportedly dating Tom Cruise before, which she ultimately denied.

“We just had a couple of great interviews on a red carpet, I think in Paris,” she said, via Daily Mail. “And then someone just wrote that article… it came out of nowhere.”

By the looks of it, the rumor about her and Brad Pitt originated from the time that she interviewed him at the SAG Awards. Renee Bargh even posted a clip of the interview, where he could be seen winking, which went semi-viral.

However, the correspondent of Extra also has other posts interviewing many celebrities on different red carpet events. So, it just proves that nothing special is happening between them.

Brad Pitt shutting down the dating rumors

Ever since his divorce from Angelina Jolie, there are circulating rumors that he once again sees his former wife, Jennifer Aniston. There are also claims that he dates the Arrested Development star, Alia Shawkat.

With these non-stop assumptions, the Fight Club star joked that he couldn’t bring his mom at the 2020 Golden Globe Awards for fears that it would turn into another dating rumor. When people saw them, they might think that he was dating her. According to Cinema Blend, Brad Pitt seemed to insinuate that every girl that he would be with was someone he was dating.

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