Truth about BTS Suga allegedly participating commercial filming

BTS superstar, Suga, is reported to have participated in the current schedule of BTS with CF. Is this signaling a possible resumption?

As reported by News1, Suga is currently participating in BTS’s commercial shooting.

With this, just seven weeks after his shoulder surgery, the fans ask whether the BTS member will be resuming his activities with the other six.

Suga’s decision to have a surgery

Earlier in November, Suga made headlines for having shoulder surgery in the middle of BE promotions.

BTS member Jimin then shared in a YouTube Livestream why the BTS member decided to elect his torn shoulder tissue surgery.

Jimin shared at the time that Yoongi is recovering well and hopes that the ARMYs are not worrying too much.

Suga also shared selfies, letting the fans know how he’s doing.”Suga is recovering well. The procedure went well,” Jimin revealed.

The close group member of the rapper, Jimin, further relayed how Yoongi misses all the ARMYs so much.

The fans felt relieved after Jimin explained that the BTS idol opted to have the surgery on his shoulder to prevent his health condition from worsening.

Is Suga going back to BTS promotions?

After the news circulated that BTS joined BTS commercial’s shooing commercial, Big Hit Entertainment shared a statement.

The label told Newsen that they could not confirm anything except the schedule that has already been released. “We ask for your understanding,” the agency added.

Meanwhile, to solely focus on his recovery, Yoongi underwent shoulder surgery and halted all proportion schedules. Big Hit stated that the idol also felt vital for him to restore himself to good health.

This is to prepare for his mandatory military service as well as his post-service musical career. Suga decided to push through surgery after extensive discussion with the company.

For more updates on Suga, stay tuned!


Image courtesy of Silvia Elizabeth Pangaro/Shutterstock

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