TWICE is in talks in creating a sub-unit

TWICE had fun on Radio Star, where they talked about career stories through its latest song, I CAN’T STOP ME.

On October 28, the K-pop girl group TWICE appeared on the celebrity talk show of MBC as part of the promotions for its latest album, Eyes Wide Open. Unfortunately, Jeongyeon could not attend the talk show because she is on hiatus for health reasons.

Language confusion

Most of the members took part in writing the song’s lyrics of its new album Eyes Wide Open.

Sana shared how she wrote the songs for the first time. She wrote the lyrics in Korean. Moreover, whenever she goes to Japan, she thinks of Korean and translates it to Japanese. Sometimes, she mixes Korean when she talks with her mom on the phone.

There are times that the Japanese members think that they are speaking in Japanese, but they use Korean words too.

Creating powerful performances

The group also talked about the “killing part” of its song I CAN’T STOP ME. Dahyun commented that Tzuyu has the most crucial part, and she started the beginning great.

Momo clapped when they got the choreography for the new song. She explained that after doing some cute dances when they first debuted, they are changed now. They grew into more powerful performances where they all prefer.

A hint of an upcoming unit of TWICE

TWICE stated that they do not have plans for solo or unit promotions for now. Jihyo shared that they thought it would take a tremendous focus on group promotions. They want to keep promoting as a group as long as it is possible.

The group laughed when Chaeyoung revealed that she wanted a unit. She explained with a laugh that Nayeon has ambitions of rapping. If they were to do it, it would be much better to be a fan rap unit.

Image courtesy of JYP Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

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