TWICE Jihyo, Kang Daniel breaks up after over a year: Report

It’s a sad day for the fans of the couple Kang Daniel and TWICE member Jihyo as it has been reported that the two have broken up on November 10.

Per Soompi, TWICE Jihyo, and Kang Daniel have decided to end their one-year and three-month relationship. Reportedly, the split-up reason is that the two idols have become too busy to continue seeing each other.

Reports have divulged that the two’s careers’ nature made it harder for them to meet each other. The idols have also become extremely busy with comeback preparations, which has caused Kang Daniel and Jihyo to drift apart.

Careers over dating

As reported by Koreaboo, the insider divulged that the two idols are both dead-sets on their goals.

As the two famous icons have put their heads on their respective albums, their chances to meet became fewer. With this, it appears that what is essential for the two is their careers.

A year and three months flashback

In August 2019, the relationship between Kang Daniel and TWICE member Jihyo was opened to the public.

The two were caught by Dispatch being on a date in Hannam-dong, near the home of Kang Daniel. Some reports shared that at the beginning of 2019, the two have already been dating.

Furthermore, other sources claim that the two started to fell for each other in 2018. This is after a fellow idol introduced one to the other. One close friend to the idols revealed a senior idol that linked both Kang Daniel and Jihyo together.

The start of the publicity

Moreover, a report was shared that the other TWICE members were well aware of the relationship between the two.

It claimed that they had seen a member driving her to Kang Daniel’s home, and later, that same member went to pick her up hours.

The two also spent July 25, 2010, an essential date for Kang Daniel since his debut as a soloist. It was reported that Jihyo had visited Kang Daniel to congratulate him when his solo debut showcase concluded.

A short time after the report dropped, both JYP Entertainment and Konnect Entertainment confirmed that the two were indeed in a relationship and were meeting with good feelings.

Image courtesy of Shari Salendab/YouTube Screenshot

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