TWICE talked about its comeback and guilty pleasures

TWICE talked about its recent comeback in an exclusive interview.

On October 26, TWICE made its much-awaited comeback with its second full-length album titled Eyes Wide Open and the title track I CAN’T STOP ME.

Since its release, the album was topping the charts, taking over the number one spot in the music charts of Korea, Japan, and China.

A retro concept

In the interview, the group talked about going for a retro concept. Nayeon commented that they have been preparing ideas that they had never done before. They discussed a lot about it, and they focused on expressing TWICE’s unique colors.

Jihyo agreed with Nayeon and added that TWICE is always thinking hard about showing new concepts.

She believes that the most important thing is to make sure that TWICE’s transformation will not be awkward to the public.

Moreover, Mina explained that TWICE is trying to show different sides of themselves. While they have their cuteness and positive energy, they are still consistently working to be a group of many colors.

The guilty pleasures

TWICE revealed its guilty pleasures through I CAN’T STOP ME. The group also talked about things that “can’t stop” them from being themselves.

Momo said that she could not stop herself from taking pictures of her dog, Boo. Her phone is full of photos of her puppy.

Sana said it is “perfection.” As she starts working hard, she thinks about how she wanted to show even more perfect performances on her side.

Dahyun expressed that she chooses “concerts.” She hopes that things would hopefully be better soon in the current situation. They could not wait for the time that they will be performing live for their fans.

Lastly, Chaeyoung answered that “drinking iced americanos in the morning” is her guilty pleasure. Every morning, she craves for an iced americano wherever the world places her.

Image courtesy of JYP Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

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