TWICE’s Nayeon sits for an interview with Cosmopolitan

TWICE’s Nayeon slew the cover of Cosmopolitan Korea November issue.

In the interview after the pictorial, Nayeon talked about how she has been preparing for the group’s full album. She shared that he is also the kind of person who likes to do fun things and spending time with her fellow members.

Recently, she learned cooking, baking, and pottery. Nayeon is also thinking of learning to make glass art with the members who want to do it.

Unfortunately, time did not permit. But if given a chance, she will learn how to bake again.

A vital member of the group

Nayeon is known as the most vital member of the group. The other members and fans talked about her being mentally strong.

For a long time, she always tried to shake off emotions like exhaustion or sadness as quickly as possible.

It is natural for her to feel that kind of emotion, and she tends to accept it positively. She named her family and fellow members of the group who influenced her in staying mentally healthy.

The group’s preparations for its return

TWICE is arriving with its fifth debut anniversary this month. Nayeon shared her thoughts on reaching this point in their career. She commented that they worked harder than they did when they debuted.

The fans may think that they were satisfied with their previous performance, but they do so much more this time.

In comparison, they have more passion and ambition now because of their albums, photoshoots, and performances. Also, they have now and more opportunities for their thoughts and opinions to reflect.

Upcoming second album

On the topic of their upcoming second full album, the group will be releasing 13 retro music songs. It will surely fit for the fall and winter seasons.

Twice are trying to fulfill content and promotions that they have not done before.

Image courtesy of TWICE/YouTube Screenshot

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