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Twitch banned xQc for cheating in a Twitch rivals tournament


Félix “xQc” Lengyel – an established and a pro Overwatch player, currently one of Twitch’s top streamers – has been temporarily restricted from Twitch as per violating the Twitch Rivals, an in-house sponsored tournament series.

Lengyel was playing the summer smash tournament on Twitch of a trendy game- Fall Guys, where he stream-sniped an opponent’s live on-air and made him go home at an early stage.

Stream Sniping refers to the activity of intruding your opponent’s live-action and intentionally grieving when you are about to queue in the game together at the beginning.

The reason for his temporary ban on Twitch

Lengyel even tried to forfeit the winner’s prize money, and so to make things and this issue fine, Twitch decided to ban him temporarily from Twitch Rivals for the next six months.

In the latest tweet made a few days ago, Lengyel apologized to his fans and fan groups and addressed his mistake, and even mentioned an appeal to his fan base.

This suspension is not his first time; surprisingly, this is the third time Lengyel has been suspended temporarily.

Have been suspended before as well

For the first time, he was suspended in January for playing an explicit version of Connect Four on stream, and on that stream, a female opponent took her clothes off.

The second time he was suspended from Twitch was when he showed two gorillas in an intimate position, which he refers to as an accident.

The fun fact lies here that Lengyel has been previously surrounded by controversies as well. Before being a pro player of the renowned game Overwatch, he was well surrounded by controversies.

Impact on Twitch after this case

All these things matter because Lengyel has been one of the biggest streamers on the platform.

With a fan base of 4.1 million followers, his average stream has a viewer count of between 40,000 to 60,000, making him even more important for Twitch.

The platform has received a lot of criticism before not taking any action against some of its biggest channels, but Lengyel’s suspension is something of a big deal to a surprise. He is the biggest streamer to be kicked off from the platform of Twitch.

Previously, a guy with an ID named “Dr. Disrespect” permanent ban was clarified, leaving a great impact on the online streamers and the platform’s security.

This matter and its response will surely bring a huge impact on all other streamers using Twitch regarding maintaining respect and non-violation of rules.

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