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Twitch has a new king and it’s all thanks to ‘Among Us’


Former Overwatch pro xQc is now the most-watched channel on Twitch after experiencing a massive viewership surge due to Among Us.

xQc is no stranger to Twitch. In fact, his channel is one of the biggest on the popular streaming service. But ever since Among Us exploded in popularity, the Canadian streamer’s viewership grew exponentially. Now, he is the biggest streamer on Twitch.

New king on Twitch

Well, there is without a doubt that personalities like Ninja, Tfue, and shroud are the biggest names on the streaming platform. In terms of follower count, xQc has yet to reach the likes of these personalities but with around 3.4 million followers, he’s definitely almost there.

But Twitch isn’t just all about having followers. The streaming platform’s most important aspect would, of course, the stream content. And right now, there is no channel that has more views than xQc.

Almost 17 million hours viewed on Twitch

During the last 30 days, TwitchMetrics had recorded an astounding 16.9 million hours watched on xQc’s channel. What’s even more amazing is that the streamer, whose real name is Felix Lengyel, had only streamed around 300 hours. That is significantly fewer hours compared to other big streamers.

These hours are also considerably more than the second highest-ranked channel, ESL_CSGO. Channels like ESL and Riot Games are definitely the top streaming channels on Twitch since they’re owned by big companies. Individual streamers like xQc usually don’t come close to the hours watched on these channels.

But now, xQc had done just that and more. The gap between him and the second-highest channel is around six million. The third placer, another individual streamer Gaules, had around the same numbers as the second channel.

Among Us propelling streamers to the top

Among Us is undoubtedly the most popular game this pandemic and it shows. On Twitch alone, people had streamed the game for around 143 million hours. But more than that, its 10-person lobby has made it easy for popular streamers and gamers to come together.

This is also a big factor as to why xQc suddenly blew up on the streaming platform. During the past few weeks, he has been teaming up with big gaming names such as Pewdiepie, Valkyrae, and Summit1g, among many others.

Because so many people play the same game at the same time, fans can watch many different perspectives of the game. Furthermore, with the game’s mechanics, most players often end up turning on each other in order to find the imposter.

Will xQc remain on top?

Currently, xQc’s viewership is still steadily growing. However, it’s too early to say if he would remain the top watched streamer on Twitch. It is highly likely that xQc would not be able to retain his position once the hype for Among Us dies down.

Also, the 2020 League of Legends World Championship is still ongoing which means that more people are bound to stay tuned to channels that are viewing the championships live.

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