Twitch ‘just wanted a shoutout’ sub refund option to be removed

Twitch 'just wanted a shoutout' sub refund option to be removed

Twitch will reportedly remove the ‘just wanted a shoutout’ sub refund option after being heavily criticized by the community.

Since its inception, Twitch has been trying to perfect the way it handles the community of streamers and viewers. It has put in place several policies by which Twitch users must abide by. Otherwise, they may face the punishment of a perpetual ban from the platform.

Unfortunately, the development of the platform is still a work in progress. After all, it is actual people, with all the volatility, that Twitch is trying to maintain.

Even though Twitch is always on the lookout for errors, it sometimes fails with its policies too, and the community is quick to correct it as soon as they get the chance.

Twitch ‘just wanted a shoutout’ sub refund under fire

Twitch’s main revenue stream is through advertisements just like Youtube and Facebook. As such going ad-free comes at a price. Twitch’s model allows viewers to free themselves from ads when they subscribe to a specific streamer. Along with the subscription comes the privilege of messaging on a subscribers-only chat.

When a new user subscribes to a channel, a cute image with the name of the user pops up on the screen. Some streamers even go out of their way to thank these subscribers by mentioning their names.

Twitch also gives the viewers the option to unsubscribe. However, it will ask the user for its reason for disengaging from the streamer. The options include financial reasons, accidental subscriptions, benefits are sub-par, and I just wanted a shoutout.

It is this last reason that twitch is under fire. Streamers and viewers think of it as Twitch promoting the idea of troll subscriptions. When a viewer subscribes to a channel, he has ten minutes to retract the sub for his payment or donation to push through.

This is where the problem sets in. Trolls can just put the hopes up of streamers by subscribing, and within ten minutes crush it as they please. For Twitch users, this is just unacceptable.

Twitch is on the move

Due to the backlash received, Twitch said that it will remove the ‘just wanted a shoutout’ reason for unsubscribing from a channel. It defended putting it there in the first place, by saying that it wanted to prevent accidental paid subscriptions.

Nonetheless, it said that it has never intended this option to encourage wrong behavior on the platform. As such, it is listening to the clamor of the mob, and will finally remove the option from the reasons for subscribing.

Image from @TwitchSupport/ Twitter

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