Twitch sees potential on the Asia Pacific as its music industry booms

Twitch saw potential on the Asia Pacific as its music industry booms

Live streaming continues to boom as Twitch looking into helping musicians further boost their presence online.

The recent shut down of Mixer has led to Richard “Ninja” Blevins return to Twitch and testing out YouTube Gaming as well. His last YouTube stream garnered over 4 million views.

As for Shroud, he has been active on YouTube lately, posting some game highlights for the week.

Esports and K-pop taking over the live streaming platform

Sunita Kaur, senior vice president of the Asia Pacific region at Twitch, pointed out that the service has grown and also observed that Southeast Asia is also catching up to the trend with their rapid growth in esports.

But what interests the former Spotify executive was the rise in popularity of K-pop on Twitch and she is pushing to work closely with Twitch musicians as she said on CNBC:

“We are going to be definitely spending more time working much, much closer with the music industry in Asia-Pacific region.”

Kaur also added that non-gaming content on the platform also quadrupled over the past three years and in June, the total number of active broadcasters in the Asia Pacific doubled from a year ago.

Musicians starting to dominate the live stream space

While popular figures such as John Legend and Chris Martin chose Instagram to live stream, independent musicians have moved most of their tours to the live streaming industry as per The Verge.

In a recent report from Stream Hatchet, Twitch also topped all categories in terms of stream viewership and influence while Facebook Gaming also showed signs of growth.

In addition, the report showed a drastic rise in watch hours of over 7.6 billion in the second quarter with Twitch taking 68% and it looks like musicians are also contributing to that chunk.

Featured image courtesy of Vishnu R Nair/Pexels

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