Twitch Soundtrack launched for streamers’ music dilemma

Twitch Soundtrack launched for streamers' music dillemma

Soundtrack by Twitch just debuted today, a solution to many streamers on Amazon’s platform who opt for background music while live.

The digital entertainment industry continues to expand. Leading the race in the live streaming community is Amazon‘s Twitch.

Earlier this year, Twitch had a whole DMCA issue going on with many of its streamers. The concept of using music on content creators’ channels is very complex.

Last month, Facebook Gaming gave a solution to this problem by slowly securing music licenses. Twitch is following suit by announcing its newly curated collection of “rights-cleared music.”

Soundtrack by Twitch

On Wednesday, the leading streaming platform announced the launch of its “new creator tool.” It is said that Twitch has been working on this project over the past year.

This new tool, however, is not as simple as hitting play on a certain song while streaming. Per the platform:

“Music from Soundtrack is separated into its own audio channel so you can play music on stream without worrying about your archives being muted or receiving strikes against your Twitch channel (or wherever else your content may go!).”

According to the in-depth reporting of The Vergeby the use of Soundtrack, the music is actually streamed separately, via an independent channel from the actual stream. What happens is that the music is broadcasted simultaneously with content creators’ live stream sessions.

With Soundtrack, it will be easier for Twitch to strip the music off VOD taken from a live stream session. The reason behind this innovation is because the music used on live streams is not necessarily cleared for recorded videos, per the same publication.

What type of music is made available?

Based on Twitch’s official statement, a wide variety of music will be offered.

An excerpt of the announcement reads:

“From the latest electronic and dance music in our ‘SoundPls’ playlist to chilled out lo-fi beats in our ‘Beats to Stream to’ playlist and everything in between – the Soundtrack library has a diverse set of artists and genres to stream with. Artists include: Above & Beyond, mxmtoon, Porter Robinson, RAC, SwuM, and many more.”

Twitch also has its own “music curation staff” to assure the quality of music licensed is appealing to its diverse audience. It will also partner with selected streamers and other industries.

Is Soundtrack available right now?


An early version of the Soundtrack has been released. The new tool is compatible with “OBS Studio v26.0 or later on PC, Twitch Studio & Streamlabs OBS compatibility will be coming soon.”

Although, the tool might not be made available to all creators right now. As Twitch says that it will still expand its availability the weeks to come. Nonetheless, interest creators can sign up for the waitlist.


Featured image courtesy of Twitch



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