Twitch stream reaches 2 billion hours of video game content

Twitch stream 2 billion hours of video game content

Video game companies are benefitting from the current pandemic as people are stuck inside their homes. It’s not just developers and gaming companies that are benefitting, though, as video streaming platforms are as well.

Twitch remains to be the top video streaming platform for video games, and during this time of lockdown, it has only gotten stronger.

According to TwitchTracker, the platform has accumulated over 2 billion hours worth of video game content courtesy of streamers. To put it into perspective, that’s over 200,000 years worth of content. Obviously, now that people have more time in their hands, they are turning to Twitch for various reasons.

For one, the platform can be used for monetary income. Streamers with thousands of viewers can get hundreds of dollars per day. Perhaps one of the top reasons why streaming has become popular is that it provides people with a safe way to socialize with others.

During the same time last year, Twitch had 1.1 million users. Now, there’s a total of 2.8 million users, and it’s consistently growing.

Top games on the platform

While popular streamers are what fans are after when tuning into Twitch, the games themselves are big draws as well. Some of the top video games streaming on Twitch include Overwatch, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Most recently, however, it’s Riot Games’ Valorant that’s getting the most attention from viewers. This is not surprising as the developers already have an established fan base thanks to League of Legends. While the game is still in its early stages, it’s already dominating the streaming platform. People expect more Overwatch and CS:GO pros to jump ship once the game launches fully.

Multiplayer games are popular

The similarity between these games is that they are all highly competitive. Even Pokemon Sword and Shield features some tough and intense player vs. player battles.

People tune into these streams as it’s a display of skills from their favorite streamers. Whether it’s because they’re getting some tips or they’re just watching for fun, there’s no doubt that users love the competitive feel of multiplayer games.

Aside from multiplayer games, hardcore games like Bloodborne, Sekiro, and other rage-inducing titles are also popular on Twitch. However, reasons for tuning in are different, as some viewers find it funny when streamers go wild over a simple error in their game.

Twitch is expected to grow even further as the lockdown goes on. There’s nothing bad about that, though, as it provides people with companions from a safe distance.


Image used courtesy of Flickr/Marco Verch

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