Twitch streamer accidentally drops in ‘Fall Guys’ easter eggs


Fall Guys easter eggs are fun when people find them inside the game. Even then, some players are finding themselves in a course with lifeless runners.

In a recent stream, Twitch streamer PrinxessTi found herself in a small pickle. The game transported her into a course where everyone fell flat and limp. Mediatonic eventually revealed that this is among many Fall Guys easter eggs.

Streamer finds a lot of lifeless beans

In a tweet, PrinxessTi tried to check with Mediatonic about what happened. Her two screenshots show a horrific scene in what seems to be the Dizzy Heights map. PrinxessTi’s bean is left standing amidst a pile of lifeless beans.

The uninitiated will think that this can be one of a few things. Some will think it’s a glitch, with the potential player bots not working at all. Others may consider this as a penalty for cheaters, akin to the advertised “Cheater Island.”

No, Mediatonic knows what this is, and the devil is in the details. For one, the lifeless beans have the proverbial M on them, which is a shoutout to the dev team. The “M” is the logo for Mediatonic emblazoned front and back.

The models are also 100% lifeless, doing the proverbial t-pose. When a 3D model is t-posing, it’s usually because it has zero animations. The Mediatonic twitter account cheekily said it’s “investigating” the situation.

Fall Guys Twitter confirms it’s an easter egg

The official social media account clarified the confusion in regards to the situation. Apparently, what the streamer experienced is one of many Fall Guys easter eggs available. They note that it has such a low proc chance that many players won’t experience it ever.

“I gotta confess something,” notes the Fall Guys Twitter account. “We put in a secret feature where hundreds of @Mediatonic jelly bean guys spawn in at the start of the level. It’s a very low probability. Most of you won’t get to see it. We just wanted to give ourselves a cheeky shout out.”

It’s cool to see such a weird, out-of-place easter egg in such a fun, colorful place. An entire map of basically dead beans looks eerie. The event is likely the closest that fans can see death within the game.

Fall Guys is available on Steam and the Playstation 4. It’s still fun, and the game is getting better with more maps, going into its second season.

Featured image courtesy of PrinxessTi/Twitter

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