Twitch streamer mysteriously gets 3 million followers overnight, but to no benefit

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A gaming streaming platform content creator had got the most luck of his life when his channel got 3 million worth of following literally overnight. But it is not because of a reason that many would think.

Trying to make a living by providing content to a massive following has been one of the allures of streaming. After all, big names like PewDiePie, Ninja, etc. would not have been a thing if not for these platforms. But more so than the fame that comes with it is, obviously, the monetary reward. Which, in the best-case scenario, could create millionaires, if not multi-millionaires, in their entire career.

“Views” are everything

For a subscription-based platform like Twitch, the idea of getting as many followers as possible is close to that dream. Because, ultimately, “views” are everything for any streaming site, let alone a paid one.

One can only imagine the euphoria that comes when a streamer at Twitch suddenly got a deluge of followers. Which, as of writing, is already way beyond 3 million in total numbers.

But for a Twitter user, NeonSniperPanda, who is among the “recipients” of the phenomenon, it’s not a cause for celebration. He is aware that such a technical glitch could occur, even possibly induced. Therefore, the complete opposite.

Bringing the concern to everyone’s attention, the Twitch streamer tweeted a post citing the feat and also explicitly wanting to address the issue, aware that the happening is not genuine by nature.

As it appears, NeonSniperPanda understands that the influx of his followings was due mostly to bots that “prowled” the Twitch space.

No benefit, just harm

Why would someone who could leverage that many followers would want to lower the count to what’s genuine?

The answer primarily boils down to the effect of the event—it does nothing.

Not only does the massive increase in the number of followings not benefit the channel in any way, but it might also pose negatively. With that level of following increment within the span of 24 hours or less, the channel could risk itself getting flagged for illicit means. One that could see the channel facing a serious repercussion if left to itself.

For a channel that is now at the top 30 “most followed” channels arising from the event, NeonSniperPanda is presently in the limelight. A disposition that could see it at the attention of many judging eyes, especially those running the platform.

To be upfront about it is indeed perhaps the best approach to the issue, especially for someone who claims to be victim, not benefactor, in the overall happening.

Image used courtesy of raphaelsilva/Pixabay

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