Twitch suspends more streamers following xQc stream sniping incident

Twitch suspends more streamers following xQc stream sniping incident

Apparently, xQc wasn’t the only one engaged in stream sniping during the recent Twitch Rivals event. Now, the company has imposed more bans on many popular streamers.

It hasn’t been a good week for many popular streamers like xQc who recently faced a ban from Twitch. The ban, however, was well-deserved given that the former Overwatch pro had stream sniped during the recently held Twitch Rivals event.

But it looks like Twitch isn’t just stopping with xQc. Now, the likes of Tfue and other popular streamers are facing punishment from Twitch. Apparently, they did the same thing at the same event as xQc.

The xQc stream sniping issue

Félix Lengyel or better known as xQc or xQcOW on Twitch is easily one of the biggest streamers in the platform. And because of this, one wrong move would definitely cause waves within the community.

During a recent Twitch Rivals Fall Guys event, the 25-year-old stream sniped an opponent live on air. This inevitably caused the person to exit the match through a supposed “joke.” Apparently, Lengyel thought it would be funny to stream snipe on air but his mischief soon came back to bite him in the behind.

xQc apologizes, gets banned

The former Overwatch pro quickly took to Twitter, asking his fans to stop defending him, admitting that what he had done was wrong. For the uninitiated, stream sniping is basically watching an opponent’s live stream and taking them out. It is considered as a major form of cheating in gaming.

Twitch also released a statement saying that they had banned xQc from participating at a Twitch Rivals event for six months. Not only that, since his team also got into the finals, he would have to forfeit all his winnings.

Tfue and other popular streamers also get banned

But xQc wasn’t the only one who got caught stream sniping during the event. In a follow-up tweet, Twitch also revealed that other players such as Nightblue3, Mendo, GrandPooBear, and Tfue will also face disciplinary action.

Apparently, the first three also stream sniped during the event and would face the same punishments as xQc. Tfue, on the other hand, was aware that his teammates were stream sniping. However, he did not move to stop or report them. For this, he would have to turn in all his winnings but would not face the same ban.

A light sentence

Shroud, who went to the finals with xQc, criticized the streamer for stream sniping. However, he also said that getting banned is actually a good thing for big-time streamers.

“I did mention in the past though, getting banned really doesn’t mean anything. Dr Disrespect got banned for a month, for streaming in a bathroom..he came back stronger than ever,” explains Shroud.“It’s weird how getting banned for a big streamer is actually a best-case scenario.”

Given the renown and the popularity these streamers have, it’s not at all surprising for Twitch to give them lighter punishments.

For xQc, this isn’t exactly new. The streamer had faced multiple temporary bans from the platform for various issues. And with a following of 4.1 million, he definitely got off light given that Dr Disrespect had received a permanent ban on the platform. Twitch only imposed a ban on the streamers from the Twitch Rivals event and a 7-day ban from the platform.


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