Twitter extends voice tweets with rolling out transcriptions in 2021

The micro-blogging platform, Twitter, said it would be introducing voice tweets to Android, iOS, and Web in 2021.

Twitter is extending its voice tweets highlight to more users on iOS, Android, and Web. This feature was introduced last June, which was initially only for a limited number of iOS users. Now, it’s rolling out to more iOS users, and will come to Android and Web in 2021, The Verge reported.

This feature admits everyone to tweet using their voice through a new ‘wavelength’ icon rather than text. Upon a simple voice message, Twitter intends to add transcriptions facility for audio and video messages to make the application more friendly to users.

It will also help deafened people to gather information through text. The micro-blogging platform had drawn criticism for not factoring receptiveness when it had started testing voice tweets a few months before. Twitter has announced that it would begin rolling out voice tweets for Android and Web in 2021.

Rolling out new voice tweets on 2021

The company stated in a tweet that it had welcomed the suggestions incredibly. And it was working on making transcriptions available on making voice tweets more accessible. The social media giant said that transcriptions for audio and video were part of its broader plan. To make Twitter free for everyone across all features, existing and new.

Twitter declared that it would be rolling out good tweets to more extended iOS users to study how people manage audio. The voice tweet comment can be created up to 140 seconds of audio in a single tweet. However, the company made available to a limited number of users, so far as of now. Twitter also said that it was currently working on bringing voice tweets to Android and Web in 2021 and not for this year.

Bringing innovation and accessibility to Twitter

After scrutinizing for not being convenient and friendly tolerably, Twitter had proclaimed two new teams. They are mounted to concentrate on receptiveness, said earlier this month. The Accessibility Center for Excellence will anchor goals and chase progress to help shape aspects of Twitter more convenient. Meanwhile, the Experiences Accessibility Team will converge on brand-new and existing features and products on Twitter, intending to provide greater openness on the micro-blogging platform.

Notably, the company also planned to introduce voice messages in DMs and extend features to let their users feel satisfied with using. The team is working so far to make reliable voice DM, beginning with testing. As the report said, the micro-blogging platform said it was working on bringing voice tweets to Android and Web in 2021.

Image courtesy of Worawee Meepian/Shutterstock

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