‘Twitter Fleets’ turning into an annoying problem!

The Twitter Fleets feature is more annoying than useful for the users on the social media platform. A new problem was just revealed.

According to Comicbook, the recently launched feature “Twitter Fleets” is quite inconsistent than previously thought. Users are reporting that their “Fleets” are still visible even after they are supposed to vanish. And people now want answers on this issue.

Twitter itself announced initially while introducing Fleets that they express short-form of thoughts. And that they disappear after 24 hours and don’t remain on the web after that!

A spokesperson from the company said:

“We’re aware of a bug accessible through a technical workaround where some Fleets media URLs may be accessible after 24 hours. We are working on a fix that should be rolled out shortly.”

Twitter Fleets and its purpose

Just a while ago, when it unveiled the feature that is similar to “Instagram stories,” it said:

“Fleets give you the power to use and interact with Twitter in a whole new way, right at the moment. Fleets allow you to share fleeting or transitory thoughts, and after 24 hours, they’ll disappear from view,” said the platform’s blog.

“Share personal in-the-moment thoughts with your followers free of public reactions. Fleet authors can see who views their Fleets, including accounts with protected Tweets, by clicking into their Fleets and tapping on the Seen By text at the bottom.”

Although now it looks like the dish is half-baked; or not refined, in simple words. Because what’s the purpose of a story or a status? It has to vanish after a day, right? But in the case of the Fleets, that’s trying to attract people to use it a lot; it appears to fail as of now.

In fact, upon its early introduction to several users, many individuals were not interested at all. They mocked the feature and also shared many memes citing comparison with Instagram and Facebook stories. And they are still wondering about this.

Ongoing obstacles for the social media platform

Apart from this new bug in their stories like imitation, the company also faced a lot of flak during the recently concluded US election. It did try to manage things by restricting offensive and inauthentic tweets by Donald Trump. That led to even more criticism altogether. In other countries also witnessed similar situations. But they dealt with the company’s lack of limiting hate content.

Meanwhile, Twitter Fleets is a kind of an unwanted thing that no one asked for. But now that several users are using it, the platform should make it work realistically. Otherwise, pulling it back will be a better idea, eventually. All in all, no one seems to be caring about it.


Image courtesy of nopporn/Shutterstock

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