Twitter is planning to shut down its periscope services by March 2021

Twitter has made a historical decision to shut down its periscope services. The company has decided to shut the service by March 2021.

However, the live streaming option will still be available even when the periscope service will not be in action. Twitter has made no changes to the live streaming option.

Users will still get an option to do live streaming with the integrated Twitter live feature. This Twitter Live feature will be available on the Twitter application.

The reason for scrapping it down was its unsustainable approach. The periscope services were facing many issues for a long time. In a blog post, the company referred to the periscope as unsustainable.

Reason to scrap down periscope services

For many years, Twitter felt that the services are only using cost and invalid space. Moreover, in a few years, the company will go into a massive loss of its continued periscope services.

Twitter is planning not to support the services as it will only affect the company. The periscope services are not going to get scrapped down until March 2021.

The company has planned to restrict new users from signing up for periscope services.

Rolling down the services was an urgent need for the betterment of the company. Before the app shuts down, users will have the chance to download their data in the next three months.

Along with this, the periscope website will still be active and serve as a “read-only archive of public broadcasts.”

With this, periscope has also lowered the conditions of being top broadcasters. To cash out tips from the account, one has to be a “super” broadcaster.

Twitter has lowered its requirement so that one can become a super broadcaster. Till March 2021, users will have the opportunity to cash out tips given by followers.

Need for stopping the services

Twitter repurchased periscope in 2015, even before the services came into existence. In an attempt to provide live broadcasting, Twitter did all this.

Twitter has been facing several difficulties in running the core responsibilities of the periscope. Making it run even after this will only bring heavy loss to the company.

Because of all this, the company isn’t ready to make it run more.

The basic idea behind introducing it in the main Twitter app was commendable. It helped a lot of people or users on several occasions.

But now, as the company is reducing the terms, the existence of the services isn’t right.


Image courtesy of Mr.Whiskey/Shutterstock

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